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How To Keep A Man In Love With You Forever: 5 Smart Ways To Go About It

Updated on March 5, 2017

How To Keep A Man In Love With You Forever

Be humble and you will keep a man in love with you forever
Be humble and you will keep a man in love with you forever | Source

How Can You Keep A Man In Love With You Forever?

Esinam has been in a relationship with Kodzo for five years now. Kodzo is still madly in love with her and they are planning on getting married soon.

“It has not been easy to maintain this relationship. Kodzo has been tempted to go after other girls many times, and there have been times when he has felt I was not giving him enough excitement and so wanted to quit. But I was determined to keep him in love with me and so worked on my character, and impressed on him to make a few modifications to the relationship, and that helped him to keep loving me. Thankfully he has stuck with me.”

Maintaining a relationship in which you sustain the love of a man can be very challenging. But you can do it if you are prepared to do what it takes to make it happen.

What are some of the ways you can keep a man in love with you, and let him continue to be madly in love with you forever?

Be A Woman Of Integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. A woman of integrity is attractive to a man, especially when it concerns fidelity.

To keep a man in love with you, demonstrate that you are a woman of integrity by refusing to give yourself to him until you are married.

Some women think that when they sleep with a man it will make him fall in love with them. Sleeping with a man will not necessarily make him fall in love with you. In fact, it may make him have doubts about you. Will you be faithful if he marries you and he falls sick and can’t have sex with you? Will you be faithful when he travels on business trips? Will you be faithful if you have to work in different cities? These are all questions he may ask himself, for once you were prepared to sleep with him when he was not married to you, you can also sleep with other men even if you are married.

But when a woman refuses to have sex with a man before he marries her, her value in his eyes increases. You tell him by that action that you are likely to be faithful to him when he marries you. It will make you win his respect and keep him in love with you knowing you will stick with him. Faithful women are hard to find nowadays and so when you exhibit your ability to remain faithful, it will keep him in love.

Some men will just have sex with a woman just for the fun of it, but are not likely to be committed to that woman because she gave her body to him very easily. As some men say, ''There are women you just use to satisfy yourself, and women you commit to.''

Live a chaste life and you will keep your man in love with you forever.

Improve Your Figure

Every man likes a woman who has a great shape. A woman with a good figure looks sexy and appealing. A man whose woman has a great figure feels proud of her because he can always boast about how great she looks to his friends.

If you want to keep a man in love with you, pay attention to how you look. When you look great, it will reduce the tendency of your man to get attracted to other women.

Develop a great shape, make your man proud he has a woman with such a wonderful figure beside him, and you will keep your man in love with you forever.

There are a variety of exercises which improve the shape and tone of muscles of different parts of a woman’s body, improve her figure, and make her more attractive to a man. Do them regularly and you will develop a figure that will keep him in love with you, and make him love you even more.

These exercises will improve the balance of your head and neck, thereby improving your poise, flatten your chest, give you a flat stomach, improve the shape of your buttocks, and improve the shape of your hips, resulting in a great figure which will keep your man begging for more of you.

To Improve the balance of your head and neck:

  1. Clasp your hands at the back of your head while your head is lowered so that your chin rests on your chest. Raise your head, pressing backwards against the hands. Repeat twenty times.
  2. Drop your chin to your chest. Keep your chin down and force your head back. Repeat five times.
  3. Lie flat on the floor with your neck stretched as long as possible. Try to touch your neck to the floor.

To Develop A Flat Chest:

  1. Slump forward, with your arms, head and shoulders entirely relaxed.
  2. Raise the upper part of your trunk, pulling your abdominal muscles in and your chest upward. Simultaneously raise your arms up sideways until they are shoulder high. Have the palms up and the elbows slightly bent.
  3. Relax the neck muscles and allow the head to drop backward as far as it will go.
  4. Keep the shoulders in the same position throughout the exercise.
  5. Repeat twenty times.

To Develop A Flat Abdomen:

  1. Stand. At the count of one, touch your left toe with your right hand; keep your knees straight.
  2. At the count of two, touch the right toe with your left hand.
  3. Repeat twenty times.

To Improve The Shape Of Your Buttocks:

  1. Stretch your back on the floor.
  2. Pull your spine down so it will touch the floor from your ears to your hips. Keep your legs flat and your heels against the floor.
  3. Pull your weight up on your left foot and the shoulders.
  4. Twisting slightly to the right to protect your spine, thump your right hip on the floor fifty times. Relax.
  5. Pull your right foot up, relax your left leg on the floor, twist to the left and thump your left hip on the floor fifty times.

To Improve The Shape Of Your Hips:

Exercise 1

  1. Lie on your back with your knees at 45-degree angle, feet flat on the floor.
  2. Place your hand in the small of your back.
  3. Then flatten your back against your hand by contracting your abdominal muscles and pushing your hips downward. Do it ten times a day.

Exercise 2

  1. Sit with your thighs parallel to the floor.
  2. Place one hand on your lower back, the other in front of your abdomen just above your hip bones.
  3. Breathe in. Then as you breathe out, pull in your abdominal muscles, roll your lower back down so your hips roll backwards and your hip bones lifts up toward the ceiling. Breathe out. Repeat occasionally during the day if you spend a lot of time sitting.

Exercise 3

  1. Stand with your back and buttocks against a wall.
  2. Place one foot on a chair seat in front of you. Your pelvis will naturally tilt up and your back will straighten and be closer to the wall than it was when both feet were on the ground.

Be Humble

One of the most awesome ways to keep your man happily in love with you is to show humility. You show humility when you readily serve your man and make every effort possible to lessen his hardships. If he wants affection, gladly give him affection without grumbling, murmuring, and complaining. If he needs you to assist him with something, do it gladly. He will keep in love with you when you are prepared to fulfill your role of being a humble, supportive partner.

Haughtiness is like poison. The effects can be devastating. It is a quality that can render a beautiful, gifted woman unuseful and unattractive to any man. If you want to keep a man interested in you forever, then you must treat pride like a plague and ensure it never rears its ugly head in your dealings with your man.

Humility, on the other hand, can make even an unattractive woman attractive to a man, make the man desire to prolong the relationship, and keep a man madly in love with a woman who submits to him.

If you cultivate humility, this precious quality, daily by endeavoring to walk humbly, it will exude sweetness of character from you like the nice scent from a well-scented flower, and keep your man begging for more.

How do you keep a man in love with you? Be humble!

Be Prudent

One thing you can do to help keep a man in love with you forever is to show a high level of prudence in your dealings with him. It will show him that you are concerned about his welfare, and he will reciprocate by continuing to show love and affection for you.

  • Know his character very well so that you can know when to put certain concerns and requests before him, and when to give him advice.
  • Stimulate or initiate conversations about your future together. For example you can say something such as, “Honey, how do you think I can become a better lover to you?” or “Darling, I want you to love me till the day death parts us. Give me suggestions on what I can do to be the “Number One” in your heart always.” It will let your man see that you are serious about keeping the relationship going, he is also more likely to be serious with you and treat you with seriousness.
  • Take good care of gifts he gives you. For example, if he buys you a shoe, or a dress, make sure you treat it with the maximum care and respect so that it will last long. If you act with recklessness towards the things he gives you so that you are asking for more too frequently, it may get on his nerves. But when you take good care of presents and gifts and they last long, it will make him keep loving you because you save him some money.
  • When you feel he is spending excessively, even on you, point it out to him. He will know your care for him is special and he will reward you by continuing to love you.
  • Try to come up with ideas to help him make more money.
  • Tell him not to buy you gifts too often, but to save the money and invest it for your future together as a couple.
  • When there is a crisis in his life, show a cool head and be a rock he can lean against. Try to help him calm down by saying something such as, “ Darling, it will be okay. I know it will be okay. Just be patient. I know we will pull through. Things will turn around. God will see us through the storm.”

Don't be Afraid to Experiment

A relationship can become very boring at times when you are doing the same old romantic things you do every day. Experimenting with new things will inject fresh breathe into the relationship and make it easier for your man to continue loving you.

Therefore, if you want to keep a man in love with you forever, be courageous enough to experiment so that you can break the monotony and routine in your lives. When you keep exciting your man, he will find it easier to keep sustaining his love for you.

  • Cook foods you have never tasted before, from different parts of the world, every weekend for your man, instead of eating the foods you are used to and may have eaten from Monday to Friday.
  • Starve your man of affection for days till he wants you so badly, and then flood him with excess affection.
  • Let him take you to safe parts of the city where you live, where you have never visited before, so that you can see and meet new people and , possibly, make new friends.
  • Take him to an orphanage so that he can hear some of the stories of people who may have never experienced love before. He will appreciate your love for him better, and it will help to keep your man in love with you forever.
  • Visit widowers or widows you know and let them express how they felt when they lost their loved ones. Let them tell both of you the emotions they went through, and how they miss the love of their departed one. It will help to keep your man in love with you forever in the sense that he will realize love is not always around, but can be lost. It will make your man value your love for him, and he will keep loving you. It will also help him to realize that sometimes you want someone to love but cannot find someone to love. He will value your relationship all the more and keep loving you.


Although so many relationships break up, you can make yours stand out and keep your man forever when you apply the principles outlined above.

And you might also want to get more information on how to make a man fall in love with you, or how to make a man marry you.

How To Keep A Man In Love With You Forever

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