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Facing 3 Common Girl Problems

Updated on August 27, 2015

Girl problems

We will be talking about at least three out of the hundred girl problems that exist. These are mostly general. Some girls might be able to relate to only one or two of the given, some with all three. Regardless, this aims to promote awareness, and hopefully give some useful advice/tips.

First common girl problem: GIRLS

The aphorism, “Girls hate girls the most” seems to make sense. There’s this special kind of hatred that girls tend to have towards other girls. Some fight against it, whilst the majority allows themselves to slip into a comfortable tolerance towards it.

So, why do girls hate girls?


Girls have this ridiculous radar that goes off when a threat comes in close contact. There’s also this scanner inside girl’s eyes that automatically evaluates every other girl that comes in contact; “….her hair is really pretty,” “she has a bigger chest,” “...better smile,” “her eyes are too small, mine are better...” Such behaviors are manifestations of insecurity. And it will either make us hate someone or it will make us hate ourselves. It can even do both at the same time!

You see there’s this curse that shrouds society today, it’s called the cursed –er. Who’s prettier, taller, richer, smarter, sexier, -er, - er, - er, -er! Comparison these days are no longer healthy, but has downgraded into envious scorn and hate speech. Everyone needs to stop obsessing about the cursed -er’s and start raving over some good “-ful’s.” Remember that everyone were created beautiful, that’s why everyone ought to be always thankful.

p.s, we may look different from one another but that doesn’t mean that we are not beautiful. Whatever color your eyes are, whatever length your hair is, whatever size or shape you fit in, whatever shade of color your skin has, whatever language you speak, you are beautiful. So don’t hate others for being beautiful, too. Besides, while everyone is beautiful on the outside, only few are genuinely attractive from within. So don’t get too caught up with transitory issues such as physical beauty.

Second common girl problem: BOYS

Boys were not originally created to cause problems (so are girls), but as we all know, we erring humans always tend to be the problem and therefore cause a problem. Sometimes it’s not the boy’s fault neither the girl’s. Most of the time both genders are at fault. Nonetheless, both can go overboard in two ways; 1. Obsess. 2. Hate.

Girls often say they don’t need men but go all crazy over them. Many girls act cold to fellow girls then act so warm and cuddly to the opposite sex. To yearn love is beautiful, to love and be loved is a blessing. But do we honestly need to be as preoccupied with it at such an early age as 12? 13? Or 14? To the point that we carry it to adulthood? Do we really need to be so desperate that we sacrifice self-respect and discretion? Is it really necessary to have millions of ex/boyfriends or admirers to have a fulfilled life? Is true love the same with lust?

Also, we need to stop beating ourselves up for not looking pretty enough for a guy, we need to stop hating our friend or the girl in school for all the attention she is getting from boys, we need to realize what will complete us and what will destroy us. Invest our lives into what is profitable and lasting. You see we can argue all we want but a huge part of us wants to be adored, and that from men. It’s a natural and beautiful desire but can be very dangerous when misunderstood and abused.

Third common girl problem: GIRLS

This sort of ties up with the first one. But this time the girl is ourselves. We may not have a severe insecurity towards other girls, we may not have a destructive obsession with the opposite sex, but we can be suffering from lack of self-esteem. That is, simply hating the person we see in the mirror.

Living in this world, it’s not difficult to hate yourself. It’s really not hard considering the millions of fictitious images of perfect people, suicidal standards; physically motivated ranking system, money loving society, imperfect perfectionists, etc.

Consequently, this time it’s the cursed “too,”—I am too fat, too skinny, too tall, too small, too poor, too ordinary, too black, too white, too many imperfections. Yet again, it’s mostly the physical aspect with only a little concern for what’s inside. No wonder this world is called the physical world. This is exactly what we need to challenge. Is the physical the most important thing? Do what we see is all there is to see? Tangible riches of all sort, are these the only treasures? Are these even treasures? Is everything physical all but a ticking time bomb that will explode at any time taking our souls with it?

We were not put in a world full of problems, we (both girls and boys) are the very problem that are indwelling the created world. I can say all day long how beautiful and wonderful we are, how loved we are, and truly we are. But to compliment is never the same as to actually fix a problem. To do so is to do more harm than good. A problem will always be a problem unless it is addressed and fixed. I urge you to read on if you want to know the problem of all problems.

The problem of all problems


"For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."-Romans 3:23

To understand more of this problem (our problem), please click through the links posted.

You can send me a message or comment below if you have any questions.

May Jesus be found in our hearts.

Soli Deo Gloria



What is our sin problem?


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      The sin problem is not specifically a girl problem; is it? Anyway, we do need to recognize it as the source of all problems. Thanks for sharing these valuable insights.