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Thugs are not desired

Updated on June 27, 2015

Thugs or Good Guys, who do you prefer?

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Disaster 101


Okay we’ve heard the complaint a thousand times. Girls only want thugs. Girls don’t like nice guys. Why is the conversation not how misguided women lacking a positive father figure in their life have residual issues choosing the overly masculine persona to represent protection and strength but accepting the (physical/psychological) abuse to a woman defeated from within?

#1. Girls don’t like doormats.

#2. Confidence is key in so many situations.

#3. Respect is commanded and presented to others-turn on.

While this argument has been stated a million times, the real problem-men is this: men pick self-absorbed, promiscuous, gold-digging women who are not mentally or financially stable, or women with unresolved father issues and then expect them to be model wives or girlfriends. Long story short - you can’t make a ho a housewife. Men should learn that if they aren’t appreciated and the feelings and actions are not reciprocated then you need to move on, not beg for change or love.

Happy Lives

Reason why thugs are undesirable

Ladies, here is the opportunity for you to dispel this myth and show appreciation for the good guys.

Here is your opportunity to share why thugs are not your top choice for love or life partners. I’ll start….

*Criminal records reduce the ability to obtain gainful employment, i.e. the ability to provide for yourself or your family.

*Lack of socialization skills. The inability to mix and socialize with professional people in upscale settings appropriately. “Turning within themselves”-present as a ball of hostile quiet anger incapable of emotionally connecting with others –no doubt due to being institutionalized.

*Inability to handle conflict in an appropriate manner. You can’t “attack” people anytime someone has a different viewpoint other than yours or go cell block nine and cause physical harm to people like you an animal on the loose.

*Irresponsible sexual behavior. Being “Mr.Bad” and bedding everything moving, children all over the place, leads one to believe your health may be questionable due to sexual irresponsible conquests.

*Wow, here’s the perfect buy to bring home to mom and dad. Hello parents, remember raising me to achieve success and obtain education achievement……..well guess what I picked up off the street.

*Having to explain the person is more intelligent than the presentation they display to the world. You walk in the restaurant and people get introduced to you and a man covered in tattoos, mouth jewelry, chains, and pants hanging below his behind. Yeah that speaks father/husband material.

*The thrill of wondering why he might act so violently when having sex. HHHHMMMMM. Did something happen in that jail cell that you do not discuss?

*Criminal affiliates that come with the thug-their band of friends. Sitting in a den full of thugs is not sexy.

*A man with a warped sense of morals that you cannot trust. You can’t say you would want your son to grow up to be the man that their father is or follow the example this man set. No.

*Dragging you down instead of bringing you up. Try and purchase a home or rent an apartment carrying around his criminal record and horrible credit history.

*How about getting stuck raising your kids on your own because of his revolving disappearance due to criminal activity?

*Good guys are less likely to put their hands on you or damage your psychologically.

The truth of the matter is that thug relationships don't survive long term. When you are mature and you map the road you want to create for your life it usually doesn't include the negative aspects that thugs bring to a relationship. Hustling, criminal activity, institutionalization, and death follow them wherever they go and affiliation with such a person will negatively impact you eventually.

Bad Boy Read by Robin McGraw

Question - Why are thugs undesirable to you?

Ladies feel free to list other reasons why thugs are undesirable. Let the good guys know they are loved and appreciated.

Do tell what you find unattractive and undesirable about thug life and the men that represent this lifestyle that appears to be glamorized.

Why do you love good guys and share how they positively effect your life?

Feel free to share your transformation of thought if you once desired bad boys and what made you change your mind.

Ladies Love Country Boys


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