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Tiger's Trysts

Updated on December 29, 2009

Remember This

The Classic Image: Black brute accosts helpless white female.
The Classic Image: Black brute accosts helpless white female.
Try to find a cartoon like this about Charlie Sheen.
Try to find a cartoon like this about Charlie Sheen.

Black like Tiger

Though he may not realize it, Tiger Woods is now a black man. Mind you, I do not care what Tiger does, but his many affairs have done more to enhance African American male stereotypes in America than Wilt Chamberlain could ever have done. Remember when Tiger said that he was Cauafrasian or some crap like that. White America took that and looked past his obvious African features and his obviously African American father and said, “Oh he's not black. He's a golfer, he's like us.”

Well now that it comes to light that Tiger will sleep with anything that is attractive and has boobs he is no longer like them, but a Big Black Mandingo with a magical penis that drives women mad, especially white women.

At last count, Tiger had 10 mistresses. All of them white and all very attractive. His wife of several years is set to divorce him and by many reports took a golf club to he and his truck when the news broke of his affairs. Now, the man who wanted to distance himself from those who would call him one race or another is considered just another oversexed “nigga” in some circles. His best friends are Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, two of the largest figures in sports and American history.

The truth is that Tiger Woods has always been a black man. He has black blood in him and that makes him black in this country. No matter how golf wanted to homogenize him, African Americans knew who he was and knew that there would come a time when he would know too. The truth is that Tiger is no more a cad than any other powerful individual who has money. Just look at the recent events in and around Capitol Hill and in our governor's offices. Powerful men have sex. Women desire powerful men.

Charlie Sheen is another example. He has always been a “bad boy”. Notice the difference in designations—Tiger is an oversexed “nigga” and Sheen is a “bad boy”. Sheen admitted paying exorbitant amounts to Heidi Fleiss for hookers. He “accidently' shot his ex-fiance in the arm. He was convicted of assault on another woman and given two years probation. His own father turned him in once and he was in a lockdown rehab center. He tried to overdose. That was all before he became the highest paid sitcom actor playing a “bad boy”. That was before he won Emmys. That was before he became a highly paid spokes person for Hanes along with Jordan. Recently, he allegedly recently held a knife to his wife's neck and threatened to kill her. He was arrested and faces several year in prison. My bet? He will get probation. He will go back to rehab and he will go on with his career.

The truth is that we live in a misogynistic and racist society. There are women who accept the misogyny as evidenced by the porn industry and other sex workers that have flourished over the internet. White women, Tiger's type, make more money than black women work in the porn industry. There is huge market to see black “studs” brutalize white women. Black women are portrayed as easy by the industry, but not as attractive. There are women who chase the money and use their bodies to ensnare men of means. There are women who will have sex with anyone. You do not hear of them much. There are women who will have sex with a black man just because he is black. I once had a bride to be offer to make me her last fling the night before her wedding.

These are the visions that filled Tiger Woods' head. These are visions that frighten and excite America at the same time. I am dating or trying too. I do not see color. I have met people who believe that I will do anything for sex. Or that I will have sex anywhere and at any time. I have also met women of other races who consider me a novelty. They believe that I am their toy. I have also met women who see me as some other species. I have met African American women who believe I am a “playa”. I have met black women who believe that I can care for them.

We are all controlled by our visions. We are all controlled by our ideals about who we are and the world around us. In this country, Tiger Woods is a black man. To many Americans he just proved it. His personal preference for white women makes him dangerous in the minds of many. He is an Othello type figure. A prince who is a brute underneath all of his civility. His pedestal has crumbled and now he has to rebuild it.

The truth is that it is what single men are expected to do in American society. Powerful men are expected to do it too, but only in secret. Tiger was married. He had children. He is black. Charlie Sheen was married. He had children. He is white. Let's see who falls the furthest.


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    • wecandothis profile image

      wecandothis 7 years ago

      Very interesting take on Tiger..speaking only from my own perspective: Tiger is simply an arrogant narcissist who believed he could do whatever he wanted to do, giving only a passing thought as to how his actions affected his wife and young children. Black, white, green or yellow-- he is the epitome of a narcissistic cheater...and unfortunately he is still idolized by many men for many reasons.

      this type is found in all races, colors and creeds..

      the funniest thing I heard recently is that when the Dalai Lama was asked what he thought of Tiger's travails (Tiger is supposedly a Buddhist), he replied that he had never heard of Tiger Woods, but that the Buddhist way is one of self-discipline. Dissed by the Dalai Lama! One can't fall much farther than that!!