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Time On Your Side You Will Win

Updated on May 3, 2011

DFW Parents & Youth

BY Founder Patricia Ross Teen Voice

I have saved my life by letting my Creator show me how to let go. Remember in the end of life what will we take with us? So, learn to let go and move forward with time on your side you will win.

In life to leave unpleasant relationships, situationsĀ or circumstances behind is not easy. Is it easier to stay or go in a unpleasant relationship when it becomes toxic and you can't breath or think?

Are you facing a emotional challenge in which you need space or healing? Have you been in a relationship which you had to move forward? When you move forward by leaving the relationship behind then you find the strength to move forward and win. Only time will bring you out and time will see you through. When you wait on time day by day and night by night time will bring you out as a winner. When you allow time to be on your side you will look back and wonder what lesson did l learn in these relationships, situations or circumstances. I have used time by my side to win. Yes, you may look back in your life and have emotional scars but you will be a winner in your life. You would have taken charge of your life by developing self-control and discipline in your life. You would have conquered the fears of the present moment and allowed yourself to make history in your life.

My experience by choice I choose to move forward and leave toxic relationships, situations or circumstances behind. some toxic relationships you need to get out of right now and others you can plan which a new door will appear. Time on your side you will win.



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    • DFW TEEN VOICE profile image

      DFW TEEN VOICE 6 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      David Johnson thank you for your comment! I agree it takes the Creator perfect love. His perfect love will bring us through and show us with time on our side our path.

    • profile image

      David Johnson 6 years ago

      Yes, time on your side and the GOD's perfect love you can let go. As stated in your first sentence, creator showing is a belief in God's perfect love.

    • profile image

      DFW TEEN VOICE 6 years ago

      theprintcenter thank you for your comment! We want to get the most joy, peace and happiness out of our life. Continued Success!

    • theprintcenter profile image

      theprintcenter 6 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      Really uplifting hub. Thanks for posting this one. Voted up!