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Time to Apologize - Before it's too late

Updated on August 21, 2016

Time to Apologize - Before it's too late

How many time you have realized?

You were at fault when your parents made correction and you “Misbehaved”.

He brought flowers with love but you “Disgraced” him openly.

She was such a loving girl nevertheless you “Left” her alone when she needs you most.

He was a heartwarming close friend but one “Misunderstanding” ruined a childhood friendship.

She was a charming wife but you weren’t “Faithful” to her.
Even The vase was not costly than the maid’s “Respect”.

An instant: When you wished to have said SORRY?

An instant: When you have REGRET.

We can never tell when our life will be over.

We can never tell when they will be no more.

We can never predict when Karma will strike us.

We never know the level of agony they have undergone.

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