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Time to Make a "Decision" to Move Forward!

Updated on March 22, 2020

Keep Moving!

Going after what you deserve would require some hard decision making and sacrifices, have you ever heard the saying "nothing good comes easy?" once you are a person that wants what you want, you would be willing to take the risk of giving your best and working hard to get where you need to be, we all need to keep in mind that even though we have this mindset it does not mean that we are exempted from meeting road blocks, detours, disappointments, hurt and rejection in life. What most people forget is that when we decide to move forward, it would have things that we would have to get through in order to come out on the other side victorious. I have never met a successful person that said it had been easy to get where they are at now, it is true that people get to see your success but they know not of the story behind that success. Never be quick to judge someones success, you know not what it took for them to reach there, in life you would have haters and people that feel intimidated by you, as i always say the only person that has the power to stop and hinder you is yourself.

There would be seasons in your life when you would have to search for that little strength you have deep inside of you and encourage yourself to keep moving forward, days when you would have to be your own coach and motivator, times when you would have to look at yourself in the mirror with tears in your eyes and speak to the reflection you look at, and i quote "you can do this, suck it up!" the greatest strength is when you feel like you have nothing left to look forward too and still wake up every morning, get dress and continue the day, this also shows that in the middle of all the pain and ache you have faith to believe that things would work out for the good once you keep moving forward. In the difficult seasons it would be hard at times having to deal with things and control your emotions. What gives us strength in times of troubles? the answer is prayer leaving everything in God's hands and stop fighting your own battles and allow God to win the battle for you, keep praying and continue moving and watch God move mountains in your life and allow you to blossom over your critics and haters.

Be Aware!

We need to protect our goals and dreams and we have to be careful to whom we share our ideas too because not every person that smiles at you genuinely wants to see you prosper, sometimes silence allow the doors to your blessings to open faster than you expected, do not take this the wrong way i am not saying not to share your thoughts i am saying simply to choose wisely to whom you speak too, people has a way of hindering your blessing by speaking negative words towards your ideas or they might try talking you out of aiming for what you want to accomplish, showing you all the things that can go wrong rather than showing you support.

Our world is full of people who are envious and jealous especially in family's today, growing up i used to see family's supporting their family now all that we see is fight and arguments, who can have more than their peers, it is a very sad thing to watch. Why fight and be angry over material things knowing that when we die we take nothing with us? and the family you have been unhappy with all your years of living gain all you fought for after you makes no sense, so why live greedy with your family? It's time to gain back the unity you once had with your family and stop wasting your energy on the wrong things, life is too short.

Take time for yourself!

It's time to take the time for yourself and aim after what you want, learn and accept who you are. We all had made mistakes and wrong decisions but what matters is learning from every failure and doing things differently and better. Your happiness matters most followed by the few people that had shown you support and wasn't afraid to call out your imperfections in a genuine way, now is the time to allow God to restore the part of you that you felt that you had lost along this journey called life.

Do not stop, keep the faith and keep moving forward and make God the center of everything and watch as your life fall into place and in the plans God has for you.

© 2020 Vanessa Mohammed


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