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Time to play with the heart not mind

Updated on August 27, 2011

Red rose will not work this time

I know most of us, may be any in their past had definitely thought about this question.  I did wrong, I want to want ameliorate my self---And I want my old girl/boy Friend Back. It is never too late to act for this question. Only thing you need in life is to live happily and true love other than lot of those earthy things. Let us discuss my opinion to get back to old in this blog.

I think most us are searching the answer of same question-how to get back an old boy friend or girl friend. Especially if you want to get back your girlfriend then it is more difficult. Most of the time, we don’t realize that all relation of the earth is not being taken for granted. All the literature might influence your decision, but it only who know the best solution of this question-how to negotiate with your old girlfriend or boyfriend. All human beings have different kind of feeling, patience level and sensitivity. It is extremely important to realize and respect for your partners. Some common mistakes we usually commit to get back you old mate is starting same way to impress her or him the same way as did it a few years back. But we have to realize we have gone through the test of knowing each other, as we are. Now it is real time to change and act.

 Don’t try old recipe in new spice

Have you been trying to get a girlfriend back for a long time-then maybe you are not doing your correct homework. Girls are more sensitive that boys in every aspect. Just applying those old playboy tricks will not going to work this time. You have to work real honestly this time to get a girlfriend back. As both of you know each other very well, sometimes it is more difficult to express your real feeling. Any positive moves can always be misinterpreted with her past experience. Maybe you have given her lots of ex pensive gifts before, just to say sorry or asking for forgiveness and then repeated the same mistake again and again. Try to understand the reason for the breakup. If you are responsible, then try to work at that point. First you have to decide are you just want to get your old girlfriend because you lost your present one. If that is the case try to get some new girlfriend rather wasting your time for old.

Let your heart speaks this time

If you are working in the right direction, then it is easier to get boyfriend in your loop. Boys are rather simple than girls. It is easy to impress them most of the time just by showing your affection. But is some cases if your nature is flirtatious one, it is difficult to prove your integrity. Boys are usually very possessive about their girlfriend. So stop making him jealous or ignore him in front of everybody. Rather you show your deep feelings toward him to draw his attention. Now it is time to act positively. You have to show him upfront that you care for him and ready to accept him as he is. Just give him a few hints, by wearing his favorite color or playing his favorite tune to show that you care for him now as you use to do that before.

Life sometimes brings us in such situations, where you want to look back and want to meet with your old friend. It is definitely very difficult but not impossible. It is mostly depend on the amount of bitter feelings both of you shared during breakup period. But if you really love him or her, it can be cakewalk to win old back. First you have to realize your shortcomings, which might be responsible or acting as a barrier between two of us. If you think it is hard to overcome them, then again don’t go for a transient relationship. AS you have shared a relationship before, it is easy to know the soft corner of each other. But it also worst that you cannot deceive each other by showing some temporary show of affection. It is high time to change your habits those are typically disliked by your old girl friend or boy friend. Try to be extra sensitive to show him or her, your feeling, so that you don’t hurt him unknowingly. Don’t take advantage of any unwanted situation rather take the longer path than shorter to enjoy the fruit of success.


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