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Tips for Dating : 10 tips that will make Your life easier

Updated on May 19, 2012
Love is in the air - NO MORE CABLES FOR YOU!
Love is in the air - NO MORE CABLES FOR YOU!

You Are Not Allone - For Sure

You are not alone. Remember this. You are not the first man that searched for help, when it comes to : what to do on first date, what to say, how to behave, where to go, etc... These are all questions that are bothering millions, maybe bilions of men accross the planet. And I am here, as an successful young men, when it comes to conquering a girl, to share my knowledge and give You all some useful tips.

Make Her Yours - YOU CAN DO IT!
Make Her Yours - YOU CAN DO IT!

Self-confidance - Behavior

When You are up to going on to first date with girl that doesn't know You, at all, in real life - You'll have to have some things on mind, and to control some of things. Don't worry, these tips will help You - and after this article read, You will call Yourself "Don Juan". Let's get onto work.

First thing, behavior. Girls, women, females - in general - like, majority of them (there are always individuals), men that has an high level of self-esteem. So, to work on You self-esteem You don't need some long, and puzzled training. All You need is next :

  1. Start clothing and preparing Yourself for date, 1h and 30mins before. That will give You small space, time, to think on different things (that would lower Your self-esteem).
  2. Shower is must! Women like tidy, clean, men that are paying attention on their hygiene.
  3. After quick shower, using shampoo, soap, and after small amount of male deodorant, shaving Your beards - is must.
  4. Don't think on sex, or having any sexual connection, on first date. Women appreciate when men is not looking for "just" sex, or one night stand.
  5. Play Your favorite music, that gives You confidence... For instance, the music that made You sing in front of mirror.. This seems something that could be skipped - but it is crucial, as every step.
  6. Wear things/cloth that You like to wear. Choose something that make You feel comfy, but in same time nice. Clothing is fundamental. Your cloth will speak a much about You. If You are over 20, and You're going on to dinner, drink, or some restaurant - consider wearing jeans, down,anda nicesolid colorsilkshirt-up.If necessary,depending onweather, dress an upperset ofclothes- jacket. Jacket could be worn, or it looks good as an fashion-accessory.
  7. So, jeans (dark blue, or even black) down, with purple silk shirt, is something that can not be missed! 100% guaranteed. The shirtshouldbe tucked just enough NOT to hang! With this combination, it would be excellent if You have some brown shoes. There You go, You have the perfect combination now - that will give You self-esteem, self-respect, where ever You go!
  8. Wear nice, clean, socks ... You never know where You gonna finish. If You do good, maybe the "reward" could be just behind the corner.
  9. Listen to Your favorite music, all dressed up, in front of mirror - and say to Yourself (or "cross Your mind" with) : "Wow, I look amazing! (name of Your ex, or someone that You want so hard)___ should see me now! She doesn't know what she misses! This girl tonight is mine, for sure! "
  10. Dance a little bit around a flat, if possible, but take a notice not to sweat. People that sweat a lot, there are many of them, even I have sometimes problem with sweating from unknown reason - should bring tissues with them, that is a must for people that sweat, and it's recommended for You also. Tissues are something that could "save" the date. And, yes... DO NOT WEAR A TIE ON A DATE! IT WILL MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE AND IT GIVES AN BAD SIGNAL AND BAD PICTURE TO RELAXY-KIND OF DATE , WHICH IS WHAT WE WANT TO MAKE.

This 10 tips, about what to wear have an actual huge impact on how will You behave, and how will You feel. Remeber, how You feel is 50-60% of how will she feel. If You're nervous, she will be too, if You're boored - be assured that she is too. If You are hungry, well - ask her, three times minimum after first refusal of eating. If You are up to fast-food, and walk and eat, it is actually a good thing, because You can talk with her about bunch of stuff.

No More Internet Datings!

No more Internet dating for You guys! With these 2x10 tips, where everything is in - everything that You need, feel free to ask someone out, on dinner, or whatever wherever You are. You are the No.1 and You can! Remeber, crucial things are written here, and You will be able to access them - 24/7 ! If You have some questions, I will be glad to answer to them, no age limitations.

Disscusion is a great way of resolving problem, and we should disscuss about many things. Love is in the air, You just need to grab it

What to talk : don't let silence eat Your date!

One of fundamental, basic, thing to remeber is do not let silence for more then 3 minutes. Of courrse, this rule is "over ruled" if You're eating. Acutally, You can use time from eating, can give You an extra time to "get Yourlsef up" , and start an interesting conversation.

Conversation - crucial thing in first date, and in dates - generally.

There are many men that think, in some moment : "O my God, there is nothing to talk about anymore... What I'm gonna do?? God please help me!" - well You don't need to pray, I am here, just apply this tips, and I guarantee You 99% of cases IT IS WORKING!

  1. Don't ask Your partner, girl or women, what she wants to speak about. It's wrong, and it uncovers Your low self-esteem and much more. Unconsciously but, it does.
  2. Do NOT ask her about her ex, and You do not bring up the subject of Your ex(es). If subject comes, be smart - and on plenty of ways, avoid it, or tell her that there is time to talk about that.
  3. Talking about weather, and some ordinary and "usual" stuff - is kind of O.K actually, but I would recommend to avoid those "frayed threads". Talk about how did she spent last holiday, does she loves this, does she loves that, what does she thinks about Your music (that You listen, it will give you an advantage next time- what not to play), talk about current social status of you - be honest!
  4. Subjects, threads, can be "touchy" and "hard to talk about" , but speaking with her, about those kind of things, will make her think that You already have an certain, high, level of confidence in You and her!
  5. Make her to speak about her past! But avoid, by directly telling her, that she can skip the part about her ex(es). But, first You speak about Your insights in life, and things that left a "mark" in Your life - then spontaneously she will add her opinion, and her "speech" to Yours.
  6. Track her eyes, and look at them every time You have a chance. Don't be weird, but like when You talk - look at her eyes. On every third sentence, for example - make an move with Your head, like when you say: "Yes". That and Your look at the eyes will make her confident that You're not lying, and that You're following her thoughts.
  7. Make her believe that You have trust in her. Tell her something that almost nobody knows. Of course, not something creepy and not something starting with an pattern: "O.k, now I will tell You something that I never told to anyone..." , but spontaneously, in conversation... like..."hey, that reminded me...ooh nothing... " then she will insist on telling and that make her promise not to tell anyone... That will make an additional invisible connection.
  8. Conversation has to be like 80% positive 10% of commenting something, and 10% of telling things from past - avoiding stories about ex girlfriends. But ONLY if she INSISTS then You tell just a bit from a story how Your ex relationship finished.
  9. Make an comment about her eyes. Tell her what do You "see" in her eyes. Fell free to be creative.
  10. Plan a route, if You're going into walk, and plan if You going to eat something "in walk" ...etc.. Make it so, that You can pluck a rose. DO NOT BUY A ROSE, You can but it is not so effective, IF YOU GIVE YOUR EFFORT TO PLUCK A ROSE IN FRONT OF HER. It will be tricky, and a bit painful - but it might be the thing that will bring You two close - and kiss may be there.

There You go. You have an total "guide", which will help for some of You guys. I made it with my heart, knowing how difficult can it be for some of You to conquer hers heart. Now, You are on good way, only thing You need to do is to preform in Your first date, or date - in general, these tips(or some of them) and You are 100% there.


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