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Tips for Senior Women Dating Online

Updated on March 26, 2013

Online dating tips just for senior women!

Online dating means different things to different people. Senior women getting back into the dating scene need to be aware the modern online dating culture can be drastically different than what dating used to mean years ago.

It is important to understand all online dating opportunities have a risk potential.

Being naturally cautious and practicing common sense are both wise no matter how a date is set up, but they are especially true when arranging dates through a senior online dating site.

1. Pick a Trusted Dating Website.

The nationally advertised dating websites provide a paid service to clients. Being that the paid services desire to keep a good reputation to get new business, they are likely to be better designed to help clients weed out undesirable potential dates.

Always take time to read all of the website rules on how information in a public dating profile will be used and revealed.

2. Be Honest.

In a dating profile, it is important for clients to portray their personality and physical traits how they are now, not how they would ideally like them to be.

However, do not be too free with information, especially information that could compromise the security of one's self, home, family or finances if it should fall into the wrong hands.

3. Keep Safe From Hackers.

It is important to not pick an easy-to-guess password. Criminals looking at dating profiles have a knack for guessing passwords based on profile information.

For example, a dog lover is likely to have a password associated with a pet's name mentioned in the profile. The best passwords are random numbers, letters and punctuation symbols.

If you must write a password down, keep it in a locked safe and never share it with anyone under any circumstances.

Furthermore, do not let a web browser save a password, and always log out when not active on the dating website.

The reason for this is that personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses and a home address can be obtained when full access to an account is achieved.

4. Never Meet a Date Privately.

Most online dating tips advise clients to not meet for the first date in a private place. The standard is to meet in places such as crowded restaurants.

Additionally, online dating clients should not let dates see the vehicles they arrive in to prevent dates from getting a license plate number.

Safety should also be taken a step further. Do not meet privately until several dates have passed.

Also, be sure to include friends on a couple of dates, and be sure to get lots of cell phone pictures. Criminals do not like such scrutiny.

Many deep and meaningful relationships have developed because someone took a chance with online dating.

However, the hope of getting involved in a good relationship should not outweigh the necessity to be safety minded when it comes to going on a date that was initiated online.

Historically, senior women have always been a prime target for scammers, con artists, thieves and even violent criminals.

A little common sense and patient caution can both protect and lead to meeting that special someone.


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