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Tips for a Spring Wedding

Updated on May 2, 2013

If you're like me, your mailbox gets a little bit of a workout every February and March, holding more than the normal amount of wedding invites. People love getting married in Spring and Summer, and who can blame them? The weather is nice, plants and flowers are in bloom, and travelling is made easier thanks to not having to worry about snow. But after having been a guest at my fair share of April, May, and June weddings, I've learned a few things about what you should remember to do if that's when your big day is. Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind if you're planning a wedding for springtime.

You Don't Have to Have a "Spring" Theme

Some of the women in my life who got married in springtime said they felt obligated to choose pastel colors and have flowers everywhere, which wasn't really their taste. Planners and florists might try to talk you into doing what's generally popular for this time of year. If you want to have a Vegas-themed wedding, or a black-tie wedding, go for it. Don't let the season dictate what your wedding should look and feel like. Just because the temperatures are rising doesn't mean your event has to look like an Easter brunch. Pick a theme that you're happy with and go with it, regardless if that theme is the "norm" for springtime.

Plan Ahead for Unexpected Weather

One of the common pitfalls of springtime weather is how unpredictable it is—April especially. One poor girl I know hosted an outdoor wedding in April, and sure enough, it poured rain that day. All day. I felt for her, since the ceremony and reception had to be moved inside and her dreams of wedding photos taken in bright sunlight were kind of crushed, but at least she had a backup plan. While I personally don't know anyone that this has happened to, it seems everyone "knows someone" who had an outdoor wedding that got rained out and there wasn't a backup plan. A bride with a soaked hairdo, a waterlogged wedding party, and a muddy reception aren't what you want if you're going the outdoor route. Rain isn't the only thing you should have an alternate plan for, though. Sometimes, weather can be unseasonably hot or cold in the spring. You're planning your wedding months in advance, so it's important to have another option or some solutions if that's the case. Outdoor weddings when it's a bit too chilly can be uncomfortable, and some people can't take extreme heat. It's important to have somewhere your guests can go in case of bad weather.

Don't Be Afraid to Go Formal

Some people think that springtime weddings are supposed to be more informal than fall and winter weddings. Sure, spring is the first taste of nice weather and your wedding party won't be cold if they're wearing tea-length dresses rather than floor-length, but just because a lot of people go informal for their spring weddings, doesn't mean you have to. Feel free to get as fancy as you want to—indicate that the event is black tie to your guests, choose a gown that looks elegant and graceful, and use luxe fabrics for your table and chair covers. You can make your wedding an event to remember—just because many people choose to have more casual, outdoor affairs, doesn't mean you should feel awkward or uncomfortable about wanting to plan a more elaborate wedding.

Don't Forget About Lighting

Despite the fact that many weddings in springtime are outdoors, I've been to several where there was no solution for the sun going down—what I mean is that the couple getting married didn't think about adding lighting for their wedding so that guests could continue enjoying the party even after sunset. Without lighting, your reception can fizzle out earlier than you had planned due to people not being able to see very well. It may sound like a frivolous thing, but a few lights can go a long way when it comes to keeping the party going. In the same vein, make sure the lights you pick aren't too bright. You can use candles on tables or colored light bulbs (peach-tinted and pink-tinted light bulbs are great) so that the lighting is soft and elegant.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

Since springtime and early summer are popular times for couples to get married, you may find that many vendors charge more simply because their product or service is in higher demand. You may feel inclined to add a little more to your budget to accommodate for the cost bump, but if you're on a rigid budget, it's important to keep that on your mind when you're signing contracts so as to not spend more than you planned on.


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