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How to Approach a Beautiful Girl for the First Time

Updated on November 26, 2016
Image by holdosi via Pixabay, CC License
Image by holdosi via Pixabay, CC License

Don’t Know How to Approach Beautiful Girls

Many men are shy, therefore they are seriously searching for how to approach a beautiful girl at the gym, work, and school or in public. How to start a conversation with a beautiful girl for the first time even when they know her better seems to be a very difficult task to accomplish.

There are so many cases where guys were just admiring the girls that they wanted from far away, simply because they could not move closer to her for the fear of being rejected or the fear of response. Now that you’re eager to learn some ways to approach girls without fear but with confidence, then here are some useful tips that you can use to make her interested in you.

Image via Pixabay, CC License
Image via Pixabay, CC License

5 Tips on How to Approach a Beautiful Girl for the First Time

1. You Will Need to Establish a Good Connection

If you find yourself sitting in a very conducive public place and you want to approach a woman, the number one thing that should come to mind is to establish a perfect eye contact with the woman that you like to speak to. Now look round every corner of the room and try to establish a link. Once she begin to notice you and looking back at you often, congratulations as it should be assume that you have made your first connection with the woman you so desire to have. At this juncture, don’t forget to pay attention to how she react and respond accordingly and once you noticed that she was making glances at you several times, wow you can now make your move and walk over to her.

2. You Need to Start Light and Fun Conversation with Her

After you’ve made the move and have walked over to her, the next thing that you should do will be to start a conversation with her. Starting a conversation with her would seem to be an impossible task only if you’ve not established any form of connection and get yourself noticed. You can start off with a little humor to make her feel comfortable enough to speak with you. Never you mention anything too serious and make sure you keep the conversation light and fun. Have this in mind, If she eventually finds it enjoyable talking to you, she will definitely stay with you to hear more of your gist. If otherwise, note that the woman would feel very uncomfortable talking to you and the worst thing might be to walk away.

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3. Relax

Once you have established the connection, made a quick move and walked over to her, and you have started conversation with her, then relax your body and let it look as a casual talk between two of you. Just in case you don’t know, I met a guy sometimes ago who told me that he met a beautiful girl whom he love to date. He narrated further that when he first started a conversation with her, she was cooperating and immediately he started asking so many questions about her, she then fed up and just walked away. And that was the end of the move. Asking her certain questions to know more about her personal life should be seen as the last thing that she will expect from a man that she just met. As said earlier, you just keep the conversation light and fun, and before you know it, you could be spending so much time talking to each other.

Image via Pixabay, CC License
Image via Pixabay, CC License

4. Be Yourself

Be yourself and never try to impress her with something about yourself that you yourself know that it is not true. Have in mind that not all women love guys talking about their earnings, expensive cars, and exotic lifestyles. That's not always true, and certainly doesn't mean that talking the whole night about all that you own is going to impress her.

Establish a perfect eye contact with the girl that you like.

5. Finally, You Must be Approachable and Friendly

When walking over to a beautiful girl, you need to make yourself approachable and friendly. Have in mind that your body language means a lot to the newest person in your life, try to present yourself in a very good manner and be modest in character. Presenting yourself in a very rude way or bad posture can make her feel uncomfortable to stay. It is better you relax your body nerves, smile a bit while talking and make yourself look more tolerant and friendly. She will definitely feel better being around you and more willing to open up for more conversation with you.

Now, stop saying I don’t know how to approach beautiful girls. This problem had been solved if you can put into action all the tips discussed above. Any time you see a girl that you wanted as your soulmate, you can start applying the tips above to approach her. However, it shouldn’t be seen as a do or die affair if someone rejects your offer. It’s just that they are not interested in you, so why not move on and try to approach others who might be interested in you. I wish you all the best.

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