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Tips on Presenting a Romantic Gift to its Recipient

Updated on December 30, 2012

If you've gone to the bother of finding the prefect romantic gift for the special person in your life, go the extra mile and find the best way to present it. Your aim is to create a memory to treasure, so each time he or she looks at the gift, it produces two smiles, one from thinking about the person who gave it, and another from remembering the experience.

Three Ways to Make a Romantic Gift Truly Memorable

1. Beautiful wrapping. Many stores offer a gift wrapping service, so if you really feel you can't do this yourself, help is available. Finding the right wrapping will make the gift a lot more personal, so, if you like to spoil your loved one, it is a good idea to develop a wrapping kit.

2. A Treasure Hunt. Rather than simply handing over your gift, make the recipient work for it! Create clues and set them out, so the gift is at the end of a treasure hunt. This can be an especially good idea if you're a long way away, and you have a local accomplice.

3. Make it an event. Plan a special dinner, or a visit to a special place, and present your gift there. The top of the Eifel tower is always popular, but don't forget local restaurants. You'll often find the management really helpful if you tell them about your plans. You can order flowers for the table and have them sent to the restaurant, or perhaps plan a menu to include your loved ones favorite items. I did something like this for my husbands birthday, we went away to a beautiful country house hotel in Berkshire, England where the staff helped me plan a surprise dinner for him to include his favorites, all served on a beautifully set table in our room.

How to Set Up A Romantic Treasure Hunt

You need to be able to position clues at a time when you're loved one won't see you, but you need to be sure the clues can be found, and point clearly to the next one.

Get some distinctive paper. Write the clue if your handwriting is clear, otherwise, put it in your computer printer. For added pizazz, make the clue itself something romantic - a scroll tied with a ribbon, a note attached to a stem of orchids or a single red rose. You could even make each clue a small gift.

So far so good, but at this point, you're probably thinking that you have no idea what to set as a clue. Fortunately the answer is to be found on the internet! There are several sites with interesting examples of clues you can just cut and paste, making small alterations to be sure the clues fit your circumstances.

Three Things to Avoid When Giving a Romantic Gift.

1. Never give a ring as a romantic gift unless the ring is an engagement ring. Rings are symbolic and it's easy to interpret the gift of a ring as a proposal of marriage. If that's not what you mean, choose a different piece of jewelry just to be sure your gift isn't misinterpreted.

2. Don't hi-jack someone else's event. If you're giving a romantic gift, find the time to do it properly. Don't make it a part of someone else's celebration.

3. Avoid New Scents. Perfume is always seen as a romantic gift, but it is very personal. A scent which is stunning on one person can smell terrible on another, it's all a question of how your skin reacts. If you're loved one has a scent they adore and you want to make the romantic gesture, buy the scent they already love and add matching items, soap, body lotion, shower gel etc. Perfume sets can be expensive, but you can put one together fairly easily by buying a basket, filling it with packing and then adding the perfume set, then just add some shrink wrap and a bow. If you really want to buy a new scent, this is one gift which is best done together.

How to Wrap a Gift

I've been told my many people, mostly men, that gift wrapping is not important. I don't agree. Gift wrapping is symbolic of the thought behind the gift. If you don't want to go to the extra effort for Christmas or birthdays, well, I can't force you, but I can tell you that most people love to recvieve beautifully wrapped presents. If you can;t be bothered to go the extra mile when giving a special romantic gift, what can I say? Are you sure you have romantic feelings at all?

Romantic gifts can be given at any time of year, but gift wrapping is the same on Valentines day as it is at Christmas. Here's my favorite designer with a youtube video showing how to wrap the perfect gift.


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