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Tips to Become a More Respected Man

Updated on August 20, 2015

Tip #1: Take pride in yourself.

It's very often that we as men look down on ourselves. Certain negative situations come across us every single day and it lowers our self-esteem. Your job might not be ideal, your relationship, your family, your car. Regardless of the situation, simply taking more pride in what you do or have will make you more respected, not just by women, but by people in general. That 8 year-old Honda Civic will look a lot better than a Maserati once a little pride is being put into it. If there is one thing that women hate the most, it's a guy who talks down on himself and lives in negativity. It's almost worse than being sprayed by a skunk, and even a guy who smells horrible but wears confidence has a better chance of scoring with the ladies.

Tip #2: Don't be afraid to say "No".

Too often do we comply and conform to what other people want, especially people we hardly interact with. Your boss says that your raise will be an extra 25 cents an hour and asks "are you comfortable with that?" When we are faced with situations like this, we tend to agree while still bottling up our true thoughts. Maybe you are afraid you will lose your job if you counter the raise, but don't be afraid to say "no" and walk away. "No, I want 50 cents more an hour." Putting your foot down will make you more respected rather than simply agreeing on other people's terms and putting your own happiness in others' hands.

Tip #3: Speak your mind more often.

That language filter that we carry around all day gets dirty, like a filter for your car or air conditioner. Once it's left alone and unchanged for a long time, it gets worn out. Clear that thing up and speak your mind MORE often. You don't like something? Say it. You want something? Say it. Too often do men, and people in general, bottle up their true thoughts to the point where we find ourselves conforming to what other people want. What about what you want? This is completely different than speaking your opinions so freely, because we all know that can lead to serious trouble especially if it's in regards to controversial topics such as politics. But in everyday life, speaking your mind more often to people and being more direct will increase the respect people have for you dramatically.

Tip #4: Be more honest.

Why do we lie? Because sometimes the truth isn't so pretty. Regardless, lying too much about certain things creates baggage and makes life harder because it forces us to maintain those lies. Taking pride in the truth, such as where you live, how much you make, who your friends are, maybe these are things that we lie about because we are embarrassed to admit the truth. Own up to the truth and be more honest. It clears the air as well as your mind knowing that you live a life of truth instead of lies and deceit.

Tip #5: Listen.

People like to talk, rant, vent, whatever you may call it. A bad day at the office or at school, or a bad conversation with the boyfriend/girlfriend. We love to complain and rant about our problems. But how often do we actually listen to others? Being a better listener and being able to empathize will create a better image of yourself. People will perceive you in a more respectable way knowing that you are able to listen, understand, and sympathize with others. Not only does it gain respect, but it also allows you to show your emotional and compassionate side, and this is something that women love.

Tip #6: Loyalty and responsibility.

Loyal to your partner, to your family, to your job; regardless of the situation, being loyal and taking responsibility to your word and your ties is something that every man should do. If you say you're going to do something, you have already signed a contract. As a man, you have to honor that commitment. Did you tell mom that you were going to pick up milk on the way home? Did you forget? Not only does this show that you are lazy and forgetful, but also irresponsible. Take responsibility for your actions, commitments, promises. If you say you're going to do something, do it.

Tip #7: Effort.

You see a beautiful girl across the room. You want to talk to her, make her acquaintance. All of a sudden, a small flicker of doubt crosses your mind that whispers "she won't go for you". Ultimately, you never talked to her, not even an attempt. Effort is everything, and it can be perceived as a percentage. Would you respect your auto mechanic if he was only putting in 50 percent effort in changing your tires? A man who puts in effort and strength in his work is a man who holds the most respect. Whether it's at work, school, or relationships, putting in effort and showing that you are actually trying will lead to ultimate respect and success. Even failure doesn't taste that sour if one has put in a viable amount of effort. Failure is not to be feared. Instead, it's the regret of never even trying.


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