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5 Tips to Increase the Chances of Getting a Second Date

Updated on October 24, 2012

If you have a problem regarding making the first date successful, thinking ahead and actually planning for it will help you to deal with this problem. The way you handle yourself during the first date will determine whether you are going to get the second date. First dates if not taken well care of they may turn out to be awkward. If you do not want the first date to be the last one then you should do the below mentioned things.

1.) Be Yourself: Some pieces of advice from your friends are not the best and therefore you should not follow them blindly. They may mislead you thus ruining your first date. You have to think thoroughly the advice your friends give you. Some of the pieces of advice may not be applicable because girls/women are different, but if you see they will work then apply them.

You can go on pretending that you are something that you are not so that you get the second date but if she discovers that you lied to her she may not turn out for the second date. For you to date her for the second time you should be yourself. Be sincere about who you are and what you do for a living.


2.) Pay the Bill: If you asked for the date you should take full responsibility and pay for the bills without asking her to contribute any amount of money to clear the bill. If you ask the woman/girl you are dating for the first time to contribute any amount of money or to pay her bill, then she will not be interested to go out with you on a date for the second time.

3.) Don’t Ask Her Too Personal Questions: She will become uncomfortable if you ask her many questions that are too personal. This will make her not to turn out for the second date. Instead ask her questions that are not too personal. For instance, you can ask her the unique birthday gifts for women she is aware. Apart from talking about yourself ask questions that will help you to know her better. Ask one question after the other.

4.) Be Polite: If you are naturally funny or over confident and being yourself, you should remember to be polite. Pay attention when she is talking and make use of polite words. This will make her to agree your second request of going out on date with you.

5.) Ask Her Out for the Second Date: At times women may not say yes if you ask for a second date even if they enjoyed the first date. This is because she doubts whether you like her as she likes you. If you had a good time, take a step of asking her for the second date.

Don’t apply too much pressure for a second date just because you had fun. Proceed with a lot of caution when asking for the second date. This is how you should say, “I had a good time, want to do it again?” If she is interested in you she will call to ask for a second date not because you forced her but because she is willing. You should let ask her to choose the destination.

The first date is the most important one. It determines if there will be a second date. With the help of these five tips you can increase your chances of getting a second date.


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