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Tips to Save on Wedding Flowers

Updated on December 13, 2011

After having worked in the flower business for more than a decade, I find I get asked the same question over and over, “How do I save money on wedding flowers?” For those that want the best wedding flowers in the tightest budget I have several ideas that will get the fairytale look without breaking the bank.

Floating Flower Centerpieces

A good florist that specializes in weddings should have an assortment of glass vases they can loan or rent to you and they can simply add water and single flowers and/or candles in a modern minimalist approach. The majority of your budget will go to labor. You can recruit the labor of your bridal party and take a do-it-yourself approach to cut the cost in half!

Stick to the Season

One of the best ideas to get the full arrangements of flowers without going over your budget is to choose flowers that are in season. Bulb type blooms like Tulips and Daffodils are extremely inexpensive during early Spring and bunches of them together look like a million bucks! Dahlias are big, showy and come in a full spectrum of hues during the summer.

Give your local floral design studio a pallet of colors that work for you and let the designer create the fullest arrangements for up to half the cost of specific flower/color requests.

It Pays to Rent the Vase

Purchasing vases and containers to save money on wedding flowers is a common mistake. Florists that specialize in weddings and events can offer many choices of containers and candelabra that you can rent for a minimal fee. Often this fee is extremely negotiable to capture your flower business.

You can even request to have the flowers easily removable so your guests can still take the flowers home for no extra cost.

Be Flexible

If you want a florist’s price to be negotiable, be flexible! Share your budget and let the florist show you what you can get for your hard earned cash. It is always a great idea to give your floral designer pictures of flower arrangements that you like, but it will cost two or three times as much to copy some flower combinations exactly.

Giving the florist the freedom to get the look and feel of the types of centerpieces you like by substituting seasonal and less expensive flowers will make sure you get the most for less.

Ordering Online Packages

If you are looking for something simple and easy, and you are open to all seasonal flowers at a reasonable price, there are companies that will deliver an ENTIRE wedding package of flowers directly to you at an almost wholesale cost.

The catch? You will have to do a little of the work, yourself. is one of those companies that you can choose your colors and package and they will ship the flowers to you.

All you have to do is provide the containers for your centerpieces, and arrange those yourself. They even include a pair of clippers to cut your flowers down for the centerpieces. I suggest a round glass "fishbowl" or a short square glass vase. Those will be the easiest containers to arrange the flowers in.

All the bouquets and boutenieres are shipped ready to go!

Check out their packages HERE

* As a bride, make sure you have HELP to put the centerpieces together. The wedding day can be stressful, so have someone who is confident with their flower arranging abilities in charge of putting these together, so you can relax and enjoy!


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      kkflowers 6 years ago

      Why thank you! It is wonderful to be able to use my creativity again :)

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      yshashikant 6 years ago from Mumbai

      Welcome to hubpages. A good second hub. Keep up the good work and you will surely be rewarded. Thanks for joining.