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Parent Teen Relationships During Teen Romance

Updated on January 29, 2015

Though first crush, first date, attraction and love are the most extraordinary feelings for the teenagers, these make an equally opposite impact on the parents. Teenage love story right from the first blush to the first (and probably the most disastrous) heartbreak can impact a teenager’s course of action and life to a great extent, much to the nightmare of the parents. A silver lining to this dark cloud is that teenage romance usually strengthens and formulates a base for a much stronger and fulfilling love life ahead, as teenager learns about the opposite sex, how to interact with them and the thought process that governs a relationship. Over the time, this experience gives them the confidence to lead a better social life ahead and choose their life partners later wisely.

Usually the most pressing issue comes when parents have to deal with their teenager’s love/heartbreak situation. It is important to decide the guidelines and boundaries together that can lead to a smooth transition phase both for children and the parents. They both should learn to respect each other’s thought process, age and feelings to sustain a healthy relationship without becoming much of rock-heads on the way ahead.

What parents should do?

It is important to understand the teenager’s point of view towards their lives as well as their romance too. Usually teen romances do not last very long, but they might feel very crucial to your teenager at the moment. It is necessary to respect your child’s feelings and not ridicule them or even “love” at any moment of time. Your experience is not theirs, and since their feelings are all fresh and new, you should help them in understanding things gradually and in a friendly way. And, you never know if the person in your child’s life becomes their life partners later!

Ensure that you set the house rules as soon as your child enters the teenage life, i.e. your rules and guidelines must be clearly understood by the child and followed much before he/she falls in love with anyone. If you try to impose them with rules at later stage, chances are that your child might become a rebel and try to break the curfew. So, assure that you keep a healthy and proper atmosphere at house to take care of things in an appropriate way.

What teenagers should do?

If you want your parents to respect you and your relationship, you have to earn it. Learn to follow your parents’ guidelines and stick to them. Always ensure you complete your schoolwork, study properly for your tests, participate in sports and other extra curricular activities and always keep your parents updated about your partner’s life in a nice and friendly way. This will not only help you become a great individual but also ensure that you lead a healthy relationship with everyone around you. Communication and mutual respect form the base of a strong relationship.

Usually, in romance it happens that you end up giving more importance to your partner, while leaving very little for your own self. How can you expect a relationship to work perfectly if the person entering the relationship first (you!) does not give himself/herself the due respect and love? You must learn to respect your own identity first, because only then your partner and your parents will respect you.

Sometimes you might feel an urge to sneak outside and go beyond your house guidelines, but that might impact your parent’s trust on you and give them a feeling that you are not mature enough to handle relationships. Be open and honest with your actions and I am sure your parents will understand you and your needs well.

What both Parents and teenagers should do?

Teenagers who start their relationships at quite early age often fall into a tendency of experimenting with sex. It is a big deal for both parents and teenagers. Some teenagers might indulge in it because of the peer pressure. It is important for parents to let their children know that pregnancy and STDs are very real in every bit way, and they shouldn’t have sex just because everyone else is doing it. Also, children should be clearly told that they should never ever have sex just to keep their partner with them and if the partner’s only concern is this, then he/she doesn’t have any best interests in their hearts for them.

Love is an immensely beautiful feeling, irrespective of what age you belong to, but it also brings the responsibility. Since teenage love is new and fresh, it definitely brings more feeling of euphoria, but one must learn to respect and love the old relationships as well, in order to proceed for the new one. Respecting each other and having a mutual trust will always help one get better in everything they do.


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    • profile image

      mackyi 5 years ago

      It has been said time and time again that"Experience is the greatest teacher." Ever so often, no matter what you have to say to some teenagers,it literally goes through one ear and exit through the other until they finally learn on their own!However, the sad side to this, is that some of them ended up being emotionally hurt so badly, that they wished they had listened to someone who have already "been there/done that. We adults were all Teenagers, and we know about that "Puppy Love",Childhood crush,infatuation etc. Some of us had our heart broken so badly, even committed suicide, and so on when were struck down by this so called "Love." Others are even scared to this date, to give real love a try. Suffice to say, I do agree that it's the parent's duty to guide and council the young,naive and inexperience child using the correct parenting style. Often times the "Authoritative" style seems to work the best!