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Tips and Advice to Strengthen Your Relationship

Updated on March 30, 2016
Rekindle the Romance
Rekindle the Romance

How to Rekindle the Romance

Every relationship goes through ups and downs but there are times when the romance, which was once there, dwindles down to almost nothing. This is when the “flames start to die” or when you no longer feel as happy as you did when you were first starting the relationship. Despite knowing that you still love your partner, there may be days when both of you undeniably feel the lack of “sparks” or romance in your relationship. When you find yourself at this stage, here are some tips you can try on how to rekindle the romance and keep that fire burning:

  • Do something new together. When you have given each other enough “me time” to be in touch with your inner selves, you can try out something new to reinforce the bond you have. If you have a love for the great outdoors, perhaps go trekking or snorkelling. Visit a place you’ve both never been to before and make new memories, which can fuel the sparks to keep your relationship stronger. You can try that local art gallery out or visit that quaint diner. When you associate new memories with your relationship, you can begin looking forward to more pleasurable dates together.
  • Have a meaningful talk. If you feel like there are issues you are not being able to address, make time to talk—calmly, about these things. To make the process easier, sit beside each other instead of facing each other so as not to have a tense and “confrontational” feel when you begin talking. Should you ever feel a heated argument coming on, stop for a few minutes to give it a rest and try again when you both have level heads.
  • Gauge your physical closeness. Has your intimacy levels dwindled? Has work been getting in the way of your time together? Simple acts of love such as a kiss or an extra hug before you both go off to work can help bring back your closeness. For especially bad days when you notice your special someone is sad, tired, or distant, try holding them. It makes a huge difference!
  • Have a trip down memory lane. Some relationships suffer from this kind of a rut when couples have been together for so long. If you have old photos or videos from vacations, events, and even just random snapshots, take a look at them together. Remembering how you started and seeing actual proof of your happiness can help you feel what deep love you have for each other. Try and do some of the things you enjoyed doing in the past, and you’ll feel all the good vibes coming back to you.
  • Based on the study called “An Intergalactic Guide to Relationships” which was done by the state government of New South Wales, spending time with yourself can help keep your relationship happy. Being able to understand yourself can also help you understand your relationship with others. Sometimes, the key to appreciating your partner the same way you did before is to give each other “me time” where you can both grow as individuals.

With these little things, you can experience great changes. Try some of these tips when you are having the blues in your relationship!

Author's Bio:

Troy C Wilson is a relationship expert, qualified marriage and relationship counsellor and is the director of Sydney base company, Couple Rescue. Troy is also author of, “After She Leave, ” which is a book written for men who are going through the pain of separation. You can reach Troy through the website


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    • Troy C Wilson profile imageAUTHOR

      Troy C Wilson 

      2 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I totally agree, care is so important. Thanks for sharing your comments hubber9993

    • hubber8893 profile image

      Sourav Rana 

      2 years ago

      The thing that matters the most in a relationship, is the care. Moreover, you must have to show it to your beloved one.

      Nice article about presenting this care troy.


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