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Tips for Online Dating

Updated on June 29, 2012
Online Dating
Online Dating | Source

Call Cupid Online….

Since Google has come into an existence, we can now get almost everything online, even if that means getting a partner.

Sometimes your search starts for finding about the latest information on cars and then you realize you have occupied yourself in finding out something else. What could be better, if by chance or by luck, you think you have landed up on a right site which opens a new door for your personal life?

What I mean is that while surfing, it might happen that you suddenly come across an interesting profile and try to connect with that person.

Yes, you are thinking in the right direction, I am talking about online dating. Within no time, you realize how habitual this routine has become, that every time you think of getting online to chat with the concerned person and slowly you start developing a liking for each other.

In today’s world, when everything seems to be wrapped with seen or unseen glamour, how can romantic liaisons be left out simple? In this plethora of instant choices available, online dating seems to be a good option and this has become a hit among the youngsters or people busy with their routine schedule and don’t have enough time to search for their partner in a traditional way. Also, it gives one a lot of choices as you browse through number of unknown faces and then suddenly your heart says “Stop and this is it”.

I have seen lot of couples who have successfully culminated their online dating into a real offline relationship and then, there are some who have get the shock of their lives.

You can come into contact either randomly while browsing through profiles in your friend’s list or by an intervention of a common friend. Whatever the mode may be, but if the cupid has hit its arrows correctly, then you are about to get into the trap of online dating.

Once your online dating starts, the heart beats changes altogether, as if, they are being attached to a pendulum and the smile on your face can be compared with that of a child, when he gets excited on being offered his favorite thing. When online dating starts, your computer table becomes your dinner table or dressing table. You don’t feel like getting up from your chair and time also passes soon.

Love is an awesome feeling, whether it happens online or offline, but the feelings should be true in both the cases to build a long term relationship. But, you need to be careful as well, as nowadays many people create fake profiles just to grab the attention of people and to create fans for themselves.

Here are some of the tips which will keep you going forward.

Before choosing a right partner, first of all, it’s important to choose a right dating site which can claim of real profiles. Then you can go on finding out the best match for you.

Start your relationship with a normal friendship with questions like what are your hobbies or do you like to travel? etc. so that both of you develop a comfortable zone while chatting.

It’s important to express your feelings in a right manner, so that the other person should think you are genuinely interested and not looking for sex or short term relationship. Once you develop a trust, then only exchange your numbers and ask to meet in real.

Before getting more serious, one should constantly inspect the profile continuously because as mentioned earlier, fake profiles are also there. So it’s better to be cautious then to curse oneself at the end.

Most importantly, you should create your profile in a manner that presents your real and latest information to the other person. Like you can update your real latest snap or latest information about you work, your hobbies etc., so that when you meet with the other person in real, then everything turns out to be true.

Lastly when you are ready to meet in real, then, dress well and keep it simple in the first meeting like asking for a coffee only and if the other person doesn’t match to the level of your expectations, then also talk politely and ask to be friends only.

You can find out your soul mate through online dating if you have the skills to search and settle for the right partner amongst the bunch of unknown faces featured online and mutually can take this relationship to the next level from where you start living for each other only. You would experience a whole new world around you that will take you into the ocean of dreams for developing more closeness for your beloved. Now ask the cupid to do the things accordingly to make you the perfect couple. Don’t wait, start dating before any one else catches your partner first than you online.


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    • PeanutButterWine profile image


      7 years ago from North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

      I met my husband online, well, his best friend actually, who ended up introducing us. Now, six years later, we have three kids and a wonderful life. Thank you Lavalife! It really does happen...


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