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To Be Human: Womb Love

Updated on January 9, 2014

Womb Love

Our bodies are sacred. More sacred than anything we can travel to, think of, or purchase. It is our vehicle of being able to experience this life. Our womb is the place of nurturing and creativity in this realm, so that this life can be experienced. As women, possessors of these spiritual practices materialized, we must know the benefit in honoring this force within us. Our wombs need attention and nurturing as well. It takes a lot of creativity in this environment to accomplish this.

Our womb; it is the mystical connection to the infinite world and beyond. In this feminine space, when woven intrinsically with the masculine, new life is formed, nurtured and begins a process of new opportunities for our species. Yes, we are a species, to be honored, just as all source creations expressed are to be.

Please don't be mistaken. Any interaction with the womb creates something, not just when a baby is forming. Knowing this, love and protect this space from any non beneficial vibrations. Located in the sacral chakra it is the hub of our creativity, passion and joy.

Sacral Chakra: Security & Passion

We have a great need to reassess our ideas of security. Fear does not have to be the passion of our existence here in the west, yet it often is. One cannot feel fear and security simultaneously. If this is our greater perspective, as the feminine aspects of our greater whole, we also have a skewed collective outlook on security.

Our occupation, husband, or lack thereof can’t be used to gauge our self worth or value. In this environment of profit over people, we confused our value for our material gain. Using material items to feel worthy is one of the main reasons we have issues in our wombs. Boundaries are easily broken when in exchange for worth. A good example are the women who stay in relationships that offer them no freedom or chance for improvement, just to have a place for their babies to lay.

To feel safe, cared for, and able to provide what is needed to sustain your existence is a personal quest and experience. Other humans can come to add to that feeling and allow it to grow. The initial experience is yours to recognize within yourself. Following our own personal passion will allow us to see exactly where we are, and what we need to be doing to feed our souls.

Passions do not follow corrupted man made rules and regulations. They follow the universal strings that tie us together. Our strongest desires and attractions are important to explore to keep our energetic body healthy and joyful.

Our womb is the place that holds the energetic magic that builds all creation. When you know that, you're sure to take care and concern of the building blocks that are used. You won't allow neglect or abuse in because you know that will affect all of your creations, including your joy.

However, joy can't be lived without feeling secure and security can't be had with fear. This applies to every aspect of life. Most importantly, to your relationship with yourself.

Nurturing Our Womb

Ever notice how most palace gates are guarded? They are protected against harm coming to the castle. How protective have you been of your palace gates? What do you feed yourself for your womb? Do you appreciate your moon cycle or do you call her names with negative connotations? It may not be her that gives your cramps, but your attitude towards her. Your body can hear you. Are you trading safety for comfort, lining your walls with toxins and someones pockets with profit?

The feminine is the receiver. We grab hold to the information provided and wear a piece of it. What information are you receiving into your body, and what are you then wearing?

The beginning of nurturing our womb is to begin treating it like we do other beings we nurture. We know how to do this. It starts with finding out what she needs in a number of ways. You can research the biological side. You can begin research on the sacral chakra and get into the energy of it all. You can sit quietly and listen to what she has to say. Write to her or massage her with love. Hold your womb like you would a baby's bottom and with as much care.

Healing Music

Appreciating Perspectives

Create Your Best You

We find ourselves caught in the web of working, mothering, or nurturing others to a degree of a completely unconscious way of existing. You can probably drive your car to work with your eyes closed if it were safe. This exhausting cycle has nothing to do with passion but survival.

The fear of crushing the boxes and limitations are understandable because we’ve been taught the world is not a safe place, especially if you’re a woman. Because of this,we learn we need a man to keep us safe. Most often we then learn they are supposed to pay for things. As we grew we began to see that wasn't actually true. We can feel safe and we can pay for things. Some even started using the accumulation of things to prove ourselves valuable. Once we got that under wraps we feared being alone forever. We allow random partners inside our bodies to obtain that feeling of closeness and balance that we are afraid to express in our daily lives. Our wombs remember this. Or our desires lay barren while we wait for a superman that will never show up. Our deep passions are traded in for the fulfillment of less exciting moments of desire. Then we find it hard to feel the joy so anxiously desiring expression. Drinking excessively (alcohol is associated with the sacral Chakra) and treating other humans like a possession to be fought over or like something to be thrown away is common. Most of us in the west are not even taught about the real sexual energy balancing they provide nor the creative force about it beyond baby making, and attached to that a, "Don't do it." When you know the value of something you don't misuse it. This goes both and every way.

We've allowed these TV versions of our personality's to exist in our real lives. We created what we see on TV. We dress like them, try to carry an attitude like them, but it doesn't feel right. Our wombs, where our creativity is churning, are being neglected and blocked while we live the already created facade of some writer or director perpetuating less than human behavior. We work the jobs we see available to work and live robotically. Looking, dressing, moving just like each other. Most of these behaviors and situations we honestly wish would go away. Yet, we talk about it, live it, and send it our energy anyway.

In our independence we're still angry. We shouldn't have to be alone, right? Where are the good men? Where are the good women? This is insanity. We need each other. Whether single or attached, we must have an appreciation for each other. We must honor our balance in order to nurture our womb. Our sons are growing up not knowing the balance and true value of a woman.

We can live our truth; that we, as humans are loving compassionate beings and we can find balance. We don't necessarily need "a man" in the cliche meaning as we say it. However we do need extraordinary men in our lives. Our children need to have relationships with wonderful humans. We are examples of possibilities for our next generation. They need to see us, being our dopest selves. They can then take the best parts and make it a part of their own. If we show them none of us are worthy, they will believe us. They have believed us. Even if you don't have children, you have a responsibility to all those you encounter. Do no harm and be your most nurturing version of yourself. This will help to heal our wombs.

What do you like to do? Do that, with a complete fierceness. Speak life and take actions in that direction. Use your energy to take what is in your passionate soul and create it for the world to benefit from. When that is no longer your passion and you've given it all you've selected for it to have, join into your next most passionate endeavor. Doing this is nurturing to our womb. I've heard some humans say they just don't have a passion. Seek quiet time in meditation or at least uninhibited contemplation often. This is the time of creation, your soul is telling you something, listen. If we must believe something, let's believe in a better version of ourselves, not available on TV, only, human to human in every interaction.

When it's hard to love, there is much internal work to be done. It's okay to cry. Let the waters flow as the womb is a place of flowing waters. Call up the emotion intentionally for healing. You can love again. Clear your mind of fear. You are so much more than what you see.

Self sustaining security is in the little things

Appreciating Perspectives

Recognize Your Moments

There are moments when we feel a familiar strength, and walk with confidence. Empower those moments by bringing them in when they can't be found. You don't need a reason to be confident, just be it. There is no need to take yourself or to allow anyone else to drag you through past choices and decisions. After you have learned, claim it, and clean your system of the rest. Stand confidently to self criticism and say, "I've learned." If you have your wisdom, consume any non beneficial thoughts and perspectives in that fire. Anyone not able to appreciate your growth, allow them the freedom of their thoughts, you know your truth. Spend that energy twirling your passions into joyful expression of your new lessons learned.

To see the magic in growth is to recognize the little things. Small synchronicities that say, "You are on the right path." To move in joy is to expect the most wonderful situations at all times. Not from a particular person, but from life, from God, or from your own creation, awareness. Make decisions that allow you to feel good. If you feel guilt, don't do it. Don't trade your goodness or your godness for any false security. Stand in your own. If a mistake is made, it is your personalized development plan in life activated. Feel, learn, and move into your higher wisdom in the direction of your greatest passion available.

When an artist is living out of their car, playing music at gigs, those are some of the happiest times. They need very little and they have so much of what they desire. When they begin to rise in appearance with money and fame, they crave the days when it was "all about the music."

A sense of security can be had when you require only what you need. For example, don't sell yourself out to your own momentary wants. Moving in appreciation for what you have while consciously working at creating even more beneficial expressions frees you from fearing something or someones coming or going.

Step by step and piece by piece you are contributing to the awesome of your life and adding your little portion of god given you to the world as well.

Happy Womb

This is a quick list of potentials to keep your womb happy. Use common sense, do your research and know your body. Take time, maybe around your moon time to cleanse yourself internally, mentally, and emotionally. Also, take the time to gently remove any trauma you may have caused your womb. Send it unconditional love.

  • Water
  • The Color Orange
  • Yoga, Dance, Qigong & general intentional pelvic movement (twerking perhaps)
  • Your Loving Thoughts, Words, & Actions
  • Red Clover (tea or bath with intention)
  • Dandelion (tea)
  • Blackberry Wine
  • Cinnamon
  • Pears
  • Avocados
  • Eggplant

Connecting Consciousness to Your Womb

Have you ever given your womb your attention?

See results

A Note on Forgiveness

So many of us have given our wombs "the business" or horrific experiences thus far. We have given life and not allowed healing and we've taken life from our wombs. We've used our bodies in ways that brought about emotions that were difficult to deal with. The time is now to let go of the hauntings of the past. Love and clear that space.

Be accountable for what you have allowed. Then choose a better way. Don't get stuck on blaming any, including yourself. Just own it, then deal with it. Go ahead and forgive yourself. Once you are accountable and forgiving of yourself you can then display your forgiveness onto others and let go of your anger. There is no cosmic force holding you down, it's you doing it, and you can get up. Your womb is holding no grudge against you. However you do need to clean up your mess. Fight, cry, accept then flow out of that space. You can create much better now. I love you. We all can love each other through it. That's what we do.

Kukata Kali

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    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      4 years ago

      My gratitude is extended for your openness and feedback Manatita. I appreciate it all. Feeling blessed indeed for your connection. :)

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Yes, I have visited your site and it's immaculate. I have wanted to do something like this for a while. Just some knowledge needed in this area.

      You've put it all together very nicely, not so much your site but the energy and the way it's connected. You also seem to speak with your own voice and sense of self-esteem. Excellent!

      This is an excellent article and one quite invaluable for many, with women, perhaps, as a start. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. God speed!!

    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      4 years ago

      My fullest gratitude to you vespawoolf :)

    • vespawoolf profile image


      4 years ago from Peru, South America

      This Hub has some valuable lessons. We need to learn to love ourselves and be aware of what our bodies are telling us--also to let go of damaging guilt. Thank you for sharing.

    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      4 years ago

      Thank you mintinfo :)

    • mintinfo profile image


      4 years ago

      As a man I may not understand the personal mental and physical connections that a woman has with her Womb but I can appreciate the connection to nature and the way me must respect it in order to get the most out of it. Great Hub


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