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How to Discover a Woman's "Power"

Updated on July 29, 2016

How To Discover a Woman's "Power"

First...Know Yourself.

Know Who You Are!

This is a very important thing to do. The sooner you accomplish this goal, the better results you will have in life. You will have more wisdom. More control of your relationships, and feelings.

The more you know yourself, the more you sharpen your abilities.

Become A Woman of Power!

Are You Like This?

One day a girlfriend invited me to go shopping with her. I really had no time for girlfriends, but I accepted. No problem.

First; we went to the Mall. She wanted to buy a tie for a friend. We went to ten different stores, looked at more than 100 ties, and ended up not buying any!

Later that day, she was hungry, so we went to a restaurant to have dinner. When she got the menu, she just couldn’t make up her mind what to order. I gave her some suggestions and finally she decided on one entrée; when it was served, she was not happy with her decision and only ate half. In addition to that, she made sure the waiter knew she wasn’t happy.

How do you think I felt after that experience with her that day? Exhausted!

Needless to say; I never went out with her again! End of the story.

Are you loosing friends and relationships because you just can't make up your mind?

If we don’t know in advance all this little details about us, when the moment comes, we are going to feel lost, we are going to irritate our loved ones, and our friends. This will affect us adversely, and of course, we don't want that.

Let's See The Opposite Example

Imagine going out with your significant other. You go to a restaurant. When you see the menu, your eyes will rove exactly to what you want and order in seconds, the food might not be what you expected, but you eat it. No complaints. How do you think your partner will react? Will he be impressed with your decision making process? with your focus? Yes! Will he be pleased you didn’t nag because the food was not to your liking? Yes!

Or, let’s say you are shopping with your husband. Instead of making him wait for hours at the store, or in the car, (because you don’t know what you want) you just go in seconds and get exactly what you need. If you can’t find what you want, you just remind him you care about his time, and maybe go in another occasion by yourself. Will your husband praise you? Yes! Will he trust in you for future events? Yes!

It is my goal, to help you get to know yourself in every possible way. Know your taste in foods; likes and dislikes with your clothes; what type of friends you want to be with; what are you looking for in a relationship, etc. so when the moment comes, you are an expert in your likes and dislikes.

All your senses will be ready to assist almost in a perfect way. People will trust in you, and relay on you, because you are assertive and show you are secure of yourself. You know what you want, when you want it and why.

This is a great tool for a woman, for you!

Starting The Process

This is something you have to do alone and with no assistance of anybody else; your mom, your sister. Only you!

You are going to have a personal conversation with yourself.

First; you find a tranquil place. Take a pen and paper and start writing. Make a list for every different subject. If I missed one here, add it to your list

  1. · Friends you want in your circle
  2. · What type of person you would like to become
  3. · What are you going to study
  4. · Projects you want to accomplish in life
  5. · What is your favorite food
  6. · What type of relationships do you want
  7. · What type of man are you looking for
  8. · How many children do you want
  9. · What are your main likes and dislikes
  10. · Are you an entrepreneur
  11. How am I going to react if... write a scenario
  12. How much are you willing to give to a man
  13. Do you want to get married
  14. What religion do you want

Continue asking yourself questions and answer them as honestly as you can. Keep on writing. The more you write, the more you get to know yourself.

If you are not sure of an answer, research it and become to an understanding with yourself.

You want to set goals and map your present and future to the best of your abilities. You are going to make a map for your life, that will lead you were you want to go, without distractions. These goals and affirmations, will give you purpose, will give you something to look forward, keep you motivated, and keep you focused.


As an example, I am going to make a list of the type of man I want and the type of relationship I would like to have; so every time I meet a possible prospect, I will compare him with my list. If he doesn't come close to my desires or come close, then I will know if he is good for me or, not. After comparing, I can make a decision to continue feeding the early relationship, or break it up before it is too late.

The MY HUSBAND LIST goes like this:

  • · Between 30 and 35 years old (or what ever the case may be)
  • · Single
  • A hard working person, motivated and self sufficient
  • · With good morals
  • · Emotionally stable
  • · Lover of children
  • · Professional and established
  • · With a small family
  • · Lover of animals, cats, dogs
  • · Pacific and understanding
  • · Serious minded
  • · Romantic, funny, with a sense of humor
  • · Likes to travel
  • · Good in the kitchen
  • · Not a womanizer
  • · Loves sports

Notice: I am not including external beauty. If you can find a man that fits all these qualities on this list, he is a beautiful man! he is amazing! Don't let him go!

Unfortunately, for many women today, personal appearance is the number ONE requirement for a relationship. Big mistake!

I am not against beautiful man, but usually, "pretty boys" only have time for themselves, and not for you. Be careful.

Don't let beauty mislead you from your goal. True beauty is inside the man, in his feelings and qualities. That is what you are going to live with. Beauty disappears quickly, but the person inside remains forever.

So, make these important lists your goal, and follow them; only then... you will become

"A Woman of Power"

In our next article "Understanding Your Powers" we are going to review some of the tools we need to accomplish our goals.

"Stay tune"

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