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To Date an Actress and move to Beverly Hills,Ca

Updated on February 27, 2013

To Date and Actress And Move to Beverly Hills,Ca.

To Date and Actress And Move to Beverly Hills,Ca
To Date and Actress And Move to Beverly Hills,Ca | Source

To Date and Actress and move to Beverly Hills, Ca.


I have wild uncontrollable urges , like I awoke today thinking what is I was married and my wife was an actress in Beverly Hills , California , how would that be like? The first thought in my head is she would have to be Brook Shields or Jennifer Lopez in looks and my second thought was she would have to have a personality I could get along with also , and how would that conflict with my life, and her photogenic life. I am in my forties and these two women are also, so it would not be like I was stealing the name out of a cradle, but would she have expectations of me, or would we sit around the pool with me writing, and her tanning her fine body on a daily basis.

I think I had one of those dreams, Brook Shields has been a fantasy doll in my mind since I was 16 and she is my age as well, and to see her in, “Blue Lagoon”, half naked was my all-time high growing up, yep I was a pervert and still am as far as she is concerned, yet I would treat her with due respect. I suppose dating a movie star may not be too different than a normal women, possibly traveling to do shows on the Red Eye to New York from Hollywood seems to be what most do. I like Virgin Airlines any way and I suppose that is how we would fly unless by private jet. I have a feeling after the star headline started to wear off, this women, my love whom is an actress would just be normal, in a different way.

I am a photographer as well, I never shot Paparazzi or even thought it was my place to put into anyone’s life or career, I shun the Paparazzi. I was in a band in my twenty’s and we played back up for some bands that names were popular even now, and we traveled around the states with our producer and we got a feeling of what it was like to be hand fed a bit, we never headlined a show, yet we were the first band out on stage and it was a rush. I think about that and remember that if this lady I fell in love with had to deal with photographers and I would be with her, could I keep my cool around that fiasco or would I get into fights.

I woke up too early it seems, I saw Kathy Griffith on Twitter and she frightens me, she seems to like this tweet business and stands by it ,cause I always see her making a comment, I hardly tweet unless I finished an article, so I will hold on to my dream and Brook or Jennifer if your single or planning on getting single there is a guy in West Texas that wants to meet you for coffee, and get to know you ok. To date an actress and live in Beverly Hills, California, I guess I could sacrifice myself for such a thing.


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