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To Find Women Seductive and Surprising

Updated on March 3, 2013
Find Women Seductive and Surprising
Find Women Seductive and Surprising | Source

Women Seduction and Surprising

To Find Women Seductive and Surprising

To Find Women Seductive and Surprising

I love a seductive and surprising women that keeps me on my toes. There is nothing more satisfying to have a women walk by wearing a short cut dress. Very seductive in nature to me. The ladies who wear tight, nicely fit jeans that walk by me while I am sitting down at a restaurant or facility in high heels is surprising and very sexy. The essence of her smell as she walks by me wearing sensual smelling perfume, is a very seductive move of a women and you can just feel the heat of her as she passes by It matters not if she is pretty in the face or not, the smell of cleanliness and aroma is very stimulating to males. It’s the manner in which she is dressed and smells. Those two senses the sight and smell are what draw me to a seductive women, and to find a women of this caliber is a great find.

I think most women like to be seducing men as much as possible, its a part of being a women.When I see high heals and tight jeans on a attractive body , I get immediate stimulation. It is amazing what an effect of this magnitude this has on certain men. The look of her figure whether having large breast or small, being ugly in the face or not, really seems to not matter when I find women dressed to kill. I am not talking about a Sunday Dress, yet it is a good reason to go to church,this is surprising and seductive as well. Yes, I know were in church and a young lady walks by and wearing a flowery dress and smelling clean is a instant turn on. I feel that some women know they get guys stirring when wearing high heels and standing erect is such a turn on and very seductive attitude toward a man,It's unfortunate but it also depends on where you live and in seeing women dressed this way. I live in a small city and I have seen such women seducing men in public areas , dressed as I explained. It's surprising and very nice to see, and not the least bit naughty, it just may give a guy a naughty thought or two.

The area really does not require a women to dress in this manner, yet in Dallas, Texas which is close to Midland, Texas , I see these women at the Galleria, and on airplanes, when I am seated on a plane and I see this girl in tight jeans with high heels on, not over kill, but just perfect looking with a white t-shirt and tucked in,this gets my attention.When she passes by me, I know she will smell of great fragrance which gets my blood pumping. Now if I am blessed by having her sit next to me , I find out that most of the time , these women are happy and outgoing which just makes a guy's day.

I love to tell a women how she makes me feel , and it’s all positive or I shut up, even if her facial features are not to my liking the dress of her body and her smell can be quite stimulating. if her figure is in shape,she will blow me away. I know most women are as bad as men when it comes to the weekend and dressing up to please someone ,unless they are going shopping, I see these women in my local area dress this way , and yes it gets my full attention. The scent of a women who does not over do her perfume and has a cut little shirt on or jeans and is primped up for her shopping rounds is seductive to me. Sometimes I find women dressed this way in a grocery store, and here I am trying to keep up with her as she wheels her cart twice as fast as mine. I find women quite seductive even when they may not think they are, and I know some are playing a game, its obvious, and I like it, if it were not for the game of surprising seduction, life would be boring.

To be touched by a women of this caliper, is a real turn on even if it’s on the arm, there is a connection, I hear it’s the same for a women, not grabbing her, but a slight breeze of your hand on her forearm ,if she smiles it’s ok, if she pulls back , not good. I like the nasty look and I think that is what I am describing here. The seductive women who look at you and intuitively think you can’t have me I am too good for you, it’s a challenge. The women have the same feeling when a man may walk by them and he also is dressed nice and smells of cologne and his air whisk by her, and she just melts, it’s a form of seduction I try to practice daily. I am not always looking for this women and that is why I am writing about her, she only exist it seems in certain areas of my life and when I least expect it. I find women do not even intend on making a scene by dressing in the way I describe and maybe it’s just me that likes the essence of a beautiful woman that dresses in this way. I seek her out now that I have been single for too long , let’s meet and I bet we have a good time getting to know one another.

Christopher Hyer 2.27.2011


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