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To Tie Pin Or Not

Updated on March 9, 2011

The Question

twilanelson asks, "How can we get the men of today to wear tie pins and stop letting ties flop all around?" Here is the link so you can see the answers. Guess I'm the guy to answer this one.

3 Ways to Tie a Tie

To Pin Or Not To Pin?

I think the reason most men don't pin the tie is because the world has gone more casual. Formality seems to be a thing of the past.Rules seem to be disappearing everyday.

Personally, I'm 1000 years old so I always pin my tie. Besides, I've lost enough ties by having them get caught in something or fall into the food. Maybe I'm a pig ( most men are, right ladies), but the pin helps in stopping this.

Maybe we can never get people to pin their ties. I do have some alternative suggestions and ways to let your man know he needs to pin the tie

How to tie a bow tie

I'll Keep That Tie From Flopping

Hopefully your man has some expensive ties. These ideas certainly will make him think about the flopping tie.

1. I suggest that when he is away, just dip all his ties in mustard, ketchup or anything that will stain. When he questions what happened, just inform him that the tie must have fallen into his lunch. As the discussion goes on, tell him a tie pin would solve the problem.

2. Change all his long ties into Bow Ties. I'm sure somewhere online you can find this information. This way his tie will never flop around. However, I must warn you that a man with big ears never looks good in a bow tie.

3. Give him a hug before he goes to work. Not because you love him, but because you need to get close enough to glue the tie to his shirt. This also causes your man to think he will get lucky tonight because you are so affectionate. Double whammy when he can't get the tie off the shirt, plus you have a headache when he gets home.

4. Give him nothing but tie tacks as presents. Any holiday, birthday, anniversary, it doesn't matter. This may not get him to use them, but it will send a message

5. Hire a gorgeous young woman to hit on him. Find the type he likes. Just as his interest is peaked, have her dump him because of his floppy tie. He will regret the one that got away and change his attitude in case it ever happens again

6. If all else fails, just pin him to the bed and drive a nail though the tie into his chest. If he still doesn't get the message, then it's time to pack up and go!


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    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 7 years ago from Carmichael, California

      I love it, thank you.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 7 years ago

      I'm a tie-bar kinda woman.:) Nice hub.