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To Touch Another Only With One's Mind.

Updated on November 9, 2009

To touch another only with one's mind.*

What bliss is this
to be remiss,

at our next joining,
Abstaining from

all physical contact
To hover over you

without touch for an hour,
Smelling, sensing,

absorbing and just

listening to your sounds,

The soft whoosh of

your quickened breath,
The tiny flicker of

your eyelashes,
The rise and fall

of your ribs,
The way your skin

retracts from cool breath
And expands from

warm exhales grazing it.

The blush of your nipples

extending vertically
The lovely wet enticing

gaze of your eyes,
The line of your jaw

when you swallow as it shifts,
The tip of your

tongue when it
swabs your lips.

The delicate curves

of your innermost parts
As my eyes wander over

the length and width of you
Completely and utterly into you

without touch or taste,
Just the anticipatory

teasing of Flesh poised over flesh, t

ouchless Braille,
A blind study of

what could be,
And the exquisiteness

of such torture.

Drawing out the intensity

of any ones libido
Into a tight thickened

cord begging to be burst
The depth of passion is boundless
one could tumble endlessly
Into the bottomless maw of
Yet to be experienced thought.


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