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The 411 on Happiness

Updated on March 5, 2013




Have you ever knew anyone close to you or you associated with or just knew through mutual friends that led you to believe that they were so successful in career, personal and financial wise?”, But turned out, that they were really just miserable, unhappy, and lonely people. Or take a celebrity for example you believe their lives are just so perfect, they have the money, the fame, cars, clothes, glamour and everything that makes life NOT so meaningful. Yeah, what a life right? Who wants to have a live a life that doesn’t implies meaning.

So let me give you the 411 on what being successful in life really means. Being successful goes beyond just having financial stability, it goes beyond having a great career. It’s so much deeper than that my friend. It introduces a level of having happiness, dignity, self-esteem, laughter, joy, fun and living a fulfilled life. It is not about the things that society has brainwashed us to believe a successful life is.

If you ever analyze the differences between a man who is successful, as with the material aspects of life; such as money, cars, homes, designer clothes but behind closed doors he has no one to hold at night, no one to talk to when he just needs a shoulder to lean on, has no real fun, and no true happiness compared to the man who has nothing, can barely make ends but has great friends, family, support, fun, love, happiness and even may have a great companion by his side. You begin to wonder who’s truly successful, the man with the materialistic features of life or the man with the treasurer of life.

Having money, cars and great careers are just a portion what life truly is about. Without happiness and purpose it doesn’t make life very worthwhile, what makes it worthwhile are the long-lasting aspects of life. I will not sacrifice my happiness for anything that does not carry great meaning. Reach for your goals, strive for finding and pursuing your purpose as we all have a purpose in life, but in the midst of it be happy and enjoy life. Relish in your own self-happiness and truly find what makes YOU happy. Explore the world, invest in new experiences, new atmospheres, things that makes life meaningful.

People, we need to take a good look at ourselves and ask these questions “Am I really successful”? Am I living a fulfilled life? Do I have the things in life that are fulfilling and ever-lasting or just temporary?" Am I happy with my life overall?”

We all have choices, and I chose to have the fulfilling, happy and joyful life whether or not I have money, clothes, or not. And I know you certainly don’t want to be that person who lives in misery, and the only time you have visitors/company is when you are attempting to get someone to share that misery. After-all misery does love company.

So if you are someone who is quite successful with fortune or just aren’t happy with who you are, where you stand or just aren’t happy and don’t have what I call a Life.

I say to you GET A LIFE, my friend…a Successful one, literally.


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