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To the Bored Couple: Easy Ways to Mix Up those Basic Dates

Updated on April 2, 2015

Dinner Date

1. Go for a ride: Hop in the car, on a motorcycle or moped, or even bikes or roller skates. Don’t plan ahead of time where you’re going, and vow to yourselves that you won’t be visiting one of your old standby restaurants. Ride until you’ve found somewhere you both want to try. If you’re in the car, you could go to the next town to find somewhere you’ve never been before.

2. Fast food taste test: You’ve probably heard of this before—choose a food item, or a few, and pick them up from three or four different fast food restaurants. One partner can unwrap and mix up the food items while the other partner tries them. They can either guess which is from which restaurant or judge which of each food item is the best. You could also recruit a friend to mix them up while neither of you are looking. If you’re really brave, one partner could just blindfold the other and take them into each restaurant. This is a winner for those who enjoy cheap burgers, fries, and shakes.

3. Be the chefs: You guys can have a cook-off, one of you can make a five-course dinner for the other (this idea is a little more interesting when it’s the partner that does less cooking in the relationship), or you can use that awesome teamwork of yours—assign yourselves plates by course, or spend time making each dish together. Whichever you choose, try to make it fancy and fun when it comes time to sit down for dinner.

4. Luck of the draw: Buy or make up various food items—some you like, some your partner likes, some you dislike, some your partner dislikes, some you equally despise… you get the picture. Then create a game that randomizes which foods you eat. You can do this just by tearing up pieces of paper and drawing from a bowl, or using any kind of board or card game and setting rules for eating up along with the game rules. For example: Every time someone rolls a 6, they have to eat from dish #6. There are all kinds of crazy rules you can come up with—if someone can’t come up with more than 35 words when playing Boggle, they might have to eat from their least favorite dish. Whichever partner wins Jenga gets a bite of their favorite meal.


Movie Date

1. Redbox run: Everyone loves Redbox, and the bored couple probably uses it way too often. To mix it up, each partner could go to separate Redboxes, each choose a film, and then buy a few treats. You two can get back together that evening to reveal the fate of your treat-filled double feature night. If there are two Redboxes that are similar distances from where you’re at, you could even make it a Redbox race! There are all kinds of variables—what if the movie you had in mind isn’t there and you have to go through all of the options? What if there’s a really slow-selecting individual in front of you for the Redbox? What if you hit all the lights? What if the line is long when you’re trying to get treats from the gas station that hosts the Redbox? Winner can pick which movie is getting watched first.

2. 20 Questions: Don’t tell your partner which theater, what time, or which movie you have selected. Play 20 questions (or maybe more like 10 is sufficient) and make them guess what you’re seeing along with when and where. If they ask the right questions, it is definitely possibly that they will be able to guess all the details without snooping around online. Loser buys treats!

3. Movie plot prompts: If you’re watching at home, set some tasks for each time certain things occur during the movie. This game can be fun whether you’ve seen the movie or not. This idea originally came from a pin on Pinterest I saw called “Harry Potter workout.” The picture was a white board with things written on it like “20 pushups every time Hermione snaps at Ron,” “50 jumping jacks every time Fred or George cracks a joke,” and “30 mountain climbers whenever Dumbledore enters a scene.” You could make your movie night a workout night too, or you can ascribe dares like jumping into the cold pool or prank calling a good friend to particular movie occurrences. If it’s a movie you’ve never seen before, you can even just place bets either before the movie or as it pans out. The bets can be for money, dares, candy, or whatever.


Other Date Ideas/Twists on Basic Dates

1. Go to the nearest indoor trampoline place. Promise each other you will each master a cool trick by the time you leave.

2. Rock climbing is always fun, and you can incorporate some friendly competition into it. Whoever rings the most bells decides where dinner is and who pays. Note: If one partner is a more experienced rock climber than the other, you can set rules regarding required wall difficulty for each of you.

3. Bowling can always be livened up by challenging each other to bowl in certain ways—granny style, with or without bumpers, eyes closed (don’t hurt anyone), while dancing, etc. Bring your dice and make it into a game. Challenge each other or set a goal together to hit a certain number with your scores added together.

4. Scavenger hunts—I bet you guys haven’t made up treasure hunts for your significant others, and that can be really fun. Here are some scavenger hunt ideas. Photo scavenger hunts are extremely fun to do with a partner (find a couple to double with you to make it more exciting), especially if you live in a college town or one with a busy nightlife.

5. Did you know you can rent rollerblades, bikes, paddle boards, and all kinds of things to use at the park or trail? This is something you guys probably haven’t done much of, it gets you outside, and it’s always an adventure.


General Tips to Mix Things Up

1. Always take lots of photos. It is undeniably fun to look back on your photos and fun times.

2. On the same note, videos are fun to watch back too. We got a GoPro recently, and it inspires us to get out and have adventures so we can watch them back later.

3. Get ready. You don’t necessarily have to dress up for every date with your SO, but somehow when you’re feeling confident you always have more fun.

4. Remember: Going on the same dates with the same person can get boring, but it's not your S.O.'s fault. A little bit of effort will remind you of all those great qualities in your partner that you love.

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