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Today There Is A Breakdown In Relationships; Why?

Updated on December 20, 2011

Most people jump into relationships without having to be friends first. A friend is someone you want to reveal the majority of your most intimate thoughts and emotions with. By no means afraid those thoughts or feelings will come back to haunt you. A friend is that person who will invariably bring a smile to your face or to your broken heart. A friend understands things to say at the proper time as well as understands when you should sit and merely listen. A friend does not insult or offend just for fun. A friend won’t ever put their hands on you with the intention to harm. A friend is actually and will continually be patient with you whenever you simply do not get it.

Individuals loose sight of true friendships and get into relationships for physical reasons. This will by no means result into a meaningful and permanent relationship. When the individual you want to spend the rest of your life with can’t begin to see the significance in finding the time in their hectic day in order to call and check on you, what reason would you have to believe once you’re in a relationship with this particular individual and also you experienced one of your even worse days this same person might take the time to call and ensure your day is going better.

If you fail to have the ability to sit down and discuss your most intimate feelings without this individual changing the topic, or, only referring to themselves. What happens once the both of you come upon an issue that may only concern you; will you be able to without hesitation sit down and iron this issue out with this individual?

One must privately and on their own understand what they want to get from a relationship. After that be true to yourself once you realize the individual you are with can’t provide you with what you are searching for understanding they cannot at that time be a true friend for you. This won’t occur later on either, which means you must come to a decision on what you desire vs. what you are willing to accept to live with.

Will the both of you have the ability to sit down and have meaningful talk or does this individual aggravate you any time you try to have a serious discussion with them. In today’s world so many individuals are physically attracted so they jump into something which long-term won’t provide emotional fulfillment and will also be lethal for his or her health. This person that you formed this physical attraction for was not your friend first.

A number of people are in such a rush; why not create something which will and can last a lifetime. Good meaningful friends are difficult to find; nevertheless, once you discover one you will keep them an eternity. This is the way we ought to yearn for our romantic relationship to become. This cannot involve the relationship being built on physical or even sexual attraction. In the event that individuals might take the sexual out of the equation and focus on what’s truly hiding within the thoughts of this individual you have decided to spend time with, in order to see one for who they really are. There would be much less broken homes as well as marriages.

Indeed some people do change; with that said, generally the warning signs were there, however, it was a conscience choice to overlook or even disregard those warning signs. We ought to want our prospective mates to make us laugh not cry. You need to desire to be joyful with them not cringe when they walk by. You should want to feel like you can’t wait until they return home; not ok everyone be quiet they are home.

You have to look at this individual through emotional eyes; first as a friend not physically as a lover primarily. Sex cannot and will not keep a relationship together, a friend can.


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    • Purpose Embraced profile image

      Yvette Stupart PhD 4 years ago from Jamaica

      Relationships are very important, as every human being has the need for a sense of belonging. The fact is, that each person in a relationship has to work for the relationship to grow. Healthy relationships are nurturing and mutually beneficial each person.

    • reeceepooh profile image

      reeceepooh 6 years ago from Marked Tree, AR

      before me and my boyfriend got together we were best friends. I have never in my life been friends with a guy before i normally have a bunch of "girlfriends" and then he showed up. I could tell he really liked me but I wanted to take it slow. We talked on the phone all the time and texted each other all day everyday, and about 8 months later we finally decided to go together because we both liked each other and we had a lot in common. We've bumped heads a lot recently but lord knows i love that boy we have been together for 2 years 8 months today (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US :) LOL )

    • smarter4ever profile image

      smarter4ever 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      This is SO true! It was a breath of fresh air to read this. I hope more people read this!