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Say "No" to Dowry

Updated on March 6, 2016

Dowry System

The dowry system is a curse for the society. Due to this system, during the marriage ceremony the bride’s family is compelled to give money, motorbike, jewelry, furniture and utensils to the groom’s family.

The dowry system comes from the Hindu society. As it is not allowed in Islam, it was initially used to differentiate between Muslim and Hindu marriages in the Indian sub-continent. According to the Hindu law, girls do not deserve to inherit any parental property. The whole share of a father’s wealth goes to his son or sons. That’s why, at the time of marriage, the daughters are compensated by being granted a lump sum of money and other assets, known as dowry.

The dowry system has not always been in the Indian sub-continent only; it was also a custom in Irish, Greek, Roman and Chinese marriages along with specific European societies. But at present this accursed dowry system is so established in the sub-continent. In Indian sub-continent it is very difficult to think girls’ marriage without dowry. The poor parents of a girl become very much worried about the dowry after the birth of their girl. Dowry is one of the main reasons for women violence. According to the Indian National Crime Record Bureau, a total of 24, 771 dowry deaths were recorded in India from 2012 to 2014. India has the highest number of dowry deaths globally. Each year over 2000 dowry-related deaths take place in Pakistan. In Bangladesh, about 4407 women were died for dowry in 2013. Every day, the dowry-related news comes in the newspaper titled – “Wife killed by husband”, “In-laws Beat the Bride Up”, “Wife Bruised and Sent to Her Father’s Home”.

About 25 years old Shohena Begum was tortured by her husband Bazlu Mia for a long time. Bazlu Mia asked one lakh taka dowry to Shohena’s father. But he could not arrange this money for Bazlu Mia. One day Shohena’s father was informed that Shohena had committed a suicide.

The practice of dowry system is legally banned in the Indian sub-continent, but still some people support it. They are telling that it helps newly married couple to establish their family and raises the status of women in the society. They also think if an ugly looking, uneducated and aged girl wants to marry, her family should arrange dowry. It will help them to get a groom for that girl.

But this barbarian demon should be eradicated from the society. Sometimes self dignified girls refuse to marry due to the demand of dowry. In some cases, it has been observed that parents of a groom fix up marriage for the sake of dowry without taking his consent. It leads misunderstanding and unhappiness between newly married couple. Some young girls often got engaged with some young boys to escape from the menace of dowry and are sexually cheated by the boys to be pregnant. Finding no alternatives, sometimes they are bound to commit suicide.

The people of the middle and lower class families live hand to mouth. Dowry has become a great economic burden to them.

Some girls are bound to commit suicide when their in-laws along with husband forced them to bring more dowry from their parents. In the name of dowry women are ill-treated, dishonored, manhandled and tortured by the husband along with his parents or other family members. Due to dowry system, some unmarried aged girls take decision to carry on illegal sexual relations in order to satisfy their sexual urge and thereby pollute the whole society.

Dowry is the greatest social evil today. It should be uprooted from the society by creating social awareness. Only the mental and emotional development of the individual can ensure a good solution to eradicate the dowry system from the society. We should all remember that most of us have daughters and/or sisters in our families. Today may be we are gainer but tomorrow we will be looser. So, we should say, “No Dowry.”


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