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Too Happy To Be Sad

Updated on April 28, 2011

When Things Go Wrong

There is a chance that some days don't go like we have planned

As they say not all things are like peaches and cream and smell like roses

More liike those stinky dead flowers that died and didn't get to be thrown out and are still sitting in the vase

Remember when you had garbage that stunk out the whole kitchen and caused you to feel sick to your stomach

That's the feeling I am talking about

Instead of being excited and happy

Your head can just think of anything but getting more mad than ever before

I wonder why that is ?

Since a few minutes ago everything was good

How can one thing set you off ?

I feel like I have been robbed by a crook

Who has taken my money that I have worked so hard for

I am left helpless but down in the dumps

A little while ago I had what was mine and didn't want anything else

Why would anyone want to take anything that didn't belong to them ?

The same reason why would someone make someone they love and care about unhappy

When they know they will make them worry if they are aggrivated and frustrated

So why go there when it all can be avoided ?

Just tell me what is wrong and we can fix it ?

Instead of me finding out when it is too late and then it is harder to make it better

Let's be smart and think about what road we want to travel

I don't have the time to waste

I have so many things to do and this is one thing of many that becomes another problem

All problems can be solved if they are handled properly with reason

The issue isn't just you were tryng to light the grill with one of those lighters that don't light

Because the automatic ignitor doesn't work and I light it with a flame lighter

It is too windy out and the flame won't stay lit

It is that you get angry when something doesn't work instantly

Sure things should be fixed but they break and we improvise

Maybe the cheap lighter we bought doesn't work as good as we thought

When I knew the probem then I started to light the grill when you went in the house

You asked me if I got it lit ?

I said no

From the time you came out of the house

presto like magic it was lit

Then when you came out with those long matches

Then you were even more upset when you found out I lit the grill

I got lucky and I thought it was funny that it got lit on the first try

It wasn't lit when you asked me

Maybe the wind died down

Maybe the lighter likes me better than you

Maybe you didn't have patience enough to wait

But all this doesn't matter now

The grill is lit and we cooked some wonderful steak tips

That came out perfect and they were mouth watering and we both couldn't be happier

Let the little problems go because they are not worth a hill of beans

Enjoy the good times that is you and me together through thick and thin

Good times or bad

So all is forgotten and we have moved on

Next time let me start the grill and if I get aggrivated enough we will buy a new one

Until that day comes the man in me says it works why fix it

Just one more day of surprises that come from the strangest of all places

A moment of truth when things aren't really bad

They are just funny and you have to remember it that way, Honey


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick She just gets angry for the sake of being angry.I don't think I will ever get it.All I can do is try.Then she wants to forget the whole thing.I never thought it was a big deal to start.I didn't get mad at all you did.Life is funny.I am glad I can help.Thanks and I hope can keep laughing into the night.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      O that was . wonderful, beautiful AND funny.

      You are a joy to read. You must have a lovely way of calming your wife down.

      Sometimes you calm ME down, you´re so positive.

      Thank you dear dream On.