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Tools Of The Soul

Updated on June 26, 2016

I am a fashioned tool of my soul, like those around me. As humans, we each become that which best teaches us and expresses the intangible housed within. A poignant and beautiful amalgamation of mind, body and spirit. The mind controls the body, the spirit controls the mind. Crafting the person we are and shaping our growth in this lifetime. What we choose to feed the mind and body with helps to form, or aids in the destruction of our physical forms. Therefore it is imperative to see the beauty in life.

Especially when living in a large city one can forget how to see the beauty that is life. All the fine details around the edges appear to fray and cause a discourse within each of us negating the beauty that is life. Each experience, each emotion, is a bit of the tapestry that adds to the comfort and form of life itself. It is the artist's mission to view and express that beauty for all to see. Even the painful things, and often things others want to hide from or wish didn't exist. Perhaps these items are most in need of being shown.

A beauty exists in all emotions, even the ones we deem negative. Without one, the other could not even exist. In that balance exists beauty. What is imperative is the expression of that beauty. If you feel it, you must cry. Allowing the negative emotion to spend itself and then happiness may exist again. Do not push the negative emotions away, ignoring them. You’ll miss much of the beauty that way. Unable to feel the contentment and happiness that can be pervasive within our own universe.

Pull away from the edges and view the whole. This way you can see the beauty that is life, its richness and depth. Take some time to see the world in all its glory. Every human a necessary thread gilded gold with experience. If it becomes difficult, look at it through someone else's eyes. Take a tour of a museum or the local gallery, or listen to the stories of your elders. Fashioning the tapestry in your mind. Feeding your soul all the experiences available to us in this life.

Each of us, as humans, are irrationally unique. No one person sees the same event/thing the same way. We all have separation filters that translate what one says into what we want to hear. If we take the time to view the beauty of another's vision we are enriched. Creating contentment, if not happiness, and a harmony otherwise lost in the fringes. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, it is in soul as well. In all the myriad emotions that create life. We can hold each other up, helping each other to fashion ourselves. Aiding all souls to see the beauty in life. In this way another can then help us. Lending their eyes, or their sight. But we must listen, not just with our ears but with the whole of ourselves. Creating bonds, and growing each of our lifetimes.


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