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Toothless and Hiccups: A Love Story

Updated on April 26, 2016


In Session.

She: What was the question?

God: None yet.

He: (Addressing her:) So you ran out of questions this time, huh?

She: He he, you really think so?

God, why do you say that I’m an E.T.?

G: Maybe because that’s how ‘ugly’ aka cute you look without your dentures. Remember your previous hub? It all began: “I cried this morning.”

H: Ha ha ha, she cried because she lost her dentures. Pathetic.

S: So you don’t have a heart unlike you claimed you did. Is that the gentle heart or the infamous ‘gentle’ heart. Pointing fingers to the heavens for the rocks to bounce back to earth and hit whoever authored the published brutality?

S: How cruel can this silly world get?

S: God?

G: (Quiet)

You know the answer to that.

It’s man who makes the world cruel. The earth has never been anything but a gentle Mother to all. Except when she has her violent temper, all in order to restore her equilibrium.

G: Man, you don’t know a thing about psyche, do you?

You’ve got Mother Earth all fucked up with all your wars and fighting. She is beginning to think those are the natural orders of the day.

Stop your stupid, silly wars. Our once peaceful Mother Earth is going insane with all this noise you’re making---wars, fighting, cruelty, violence, abuse of the helpless and the innocent … the beasts and the children.

What do you think she thought when that fire razed flat the forest on Mount Apo? How do you think she felt about her children, creatures, inhabitants of the burning inferno?

“Have I turned into a hell to my children?”

You, woman, how would you feel?

H: She felt broken not just bent. Like she’s the devil. She feels for Mother Earth. She feels like Mother Earth. She does, you know. When it’s scorching heat outside, her back feels like an inferno. Just what kind of body she has escapes me, anybody, I suppose.

G: She’s supposed to be man’s barometer for joy, love and peace on earth. Cheesy yes, but true.

S: Is that who I am? Is that what you, God, made me to be? Made woman to be the beast of burden to protect Mother Earth?

G: Now don’t get me wrong. That is a place of honor, in this level of a spiritual plane.

S: So they’ll think I’m strange and crazy when Mother Earth is becoming strange, crazy and / or violent.


H: That is why I am here. On earth for you. You know the myth of our romance. If you have forgotten, I am always willing to remind you. You seem to forget, I am your faithful husband. Even right at this moment, how can you forget?

What about the eternity in my eyes?

What about the purity, innocence and perfection you saw?

You said you were the one who breathed your soul into me. Causing for all those to happen.

G: Let’s all forgive each other here. We’re making war instead of Love.

Man loves Woman. What else is there to ask for?

Man loves Woman through eternity. Commits in Heaven, the Spiritual plane, more eternal than eternity.

What is there to ask for?

Are we looking for signed pieces of paper here?

Man’s law, as legally binding?

Why bind each other through man’s laws, which you both know are all flawed in the first place? The filthy guilty gets away unscathed while the innocent poor languishes in jail.

S: So where do we begin?

I mean, what’s the first lesson?

G: Done. You, Woman, breathed your soul into Man, as you looked into his gentle eyes.

You, Man, reciprocated and gave her the gentleness of Heart that you inherited from your biological mother. Thanks to her!

Without which, Woman, may not be capable of handling the lightning in her grieving and angry heart.

S: Scary, Sacred mystery. I can’t trust myself to delve into the Sacred that I might not understand. I found God the Destroyer instead of God the Creator in my heart. It now is no longer a secret, no longer a mystery.

Every Inner Child when abused knows the Lightning Heart.

S: That’s why I know I need Man. He balances out my Lightning Heart, gave me solace when I grieved for my animal and plant friends in the forest fire at Mount Apo. I could have burned my own heart =(

H: You’re asking for so many things. These are just about the only things I can give you while on earth. The only way perhaps for us to meet would be in Heaven and you know that.

S: Stupid me. Believing all this spiritual stuff is True even when the only proof I have is feeling Him upon waking up in the morning.

Please God, don’t go away. I want You there the rest of the day too. I want him there too. It feels like Home everywhere I go even in an unsafe desert, deserted it seems by … It’s too painful to admit.

G: I don’t know what else we can arrange for now. You’ve seen so far that no matter where you go, everyone is family.

“Who are my mother and my brothers?” Don’t we remember who said that? This, your situation, is not the first time it happened. It happens to many among you E.T.’s in this world, but not of this world.

S: God, there you go again, calling me E.T. because of my toothlessness. This is getting to be desperate.

G: Nothing can be desperate except as one chooses it to be.

I sent you the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon.” See, you even have your picture printed on memorabilia: Hiccups and Toothless. Ha ha ha

S: Now they really think I’m crazy. Crazy dragon. Crazy rider.

G: So what? Aren’t we three all? Aren’t we fun? Or haven’t they heard about “Conversations with God, Book I” by Neale Donald Walsh. (You yourself told your daughter if it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth doing.)

G: Basa-basa (in the vernacular). They should catch up on their readings. Sigh. So much has been said before. “A Course in Miracles” is also a good book. I’m not sure why humanity has not been able to quickly enough bolt-in (in Love) with all the insights provided by that book.

S: It reads differently every time. For me, looks like it depended on my level each time.

H: I need to catch up on my reading sorry.

G: You go. We’ll continue with this conversation whenever. Bed time. Love you. Good night folks.

S: Mwah <3


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