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Top 10 Best Love Pictures

Updated on February 22, 2013

Love is a mysterious force can form a lifetime bond between two previous strangers. It’s the reason why a father stays up all night to safeguard his child while as sleep, why a mother disregards her own health for the sake of her newborn, and why your big brother or sister prioritize in helping you than his or her pending responsibilities. Join me in celebrating love with this list of Top 10 Best Love Pictures. Each of them depicts a meaning of love and encourages us to share it with others.

Do you have a picture of love which you think worthy of being a part of this list? Feel free to leave a comment below with a link that directs to it so I can make amendments if needed. Have a good read everyone and enjoy these wonderful graphical representations of love!

Love is a game where you both win and lose. It’s a victory since love can bring back the light in your life. True love can be your endless source of happiness and inspiration. Nonetheless, you lose as love demands a lot of time and effort. No love can survive through time without hard work. Both of you should keep it safe from all sorts of destructive forces like temptation, greed, and jealousy. The game of love is without a doubt hard to win and requires everything from us as a bet but why are we so willing to join in? This is one of the greatest mysteries of love. We seem to find contentment from its pains and happiness as we move desperately towards someone who can complete our existence.

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Regardless how tough the hindrances may be, true love will always emerge victorious. It’s a matter of trust, dedication, and perseverance. You must have enough courage to fight for the love you deserve. Don’t ever lose hope as it could lead to failure. If you truly believe that the love you have is real and worth fighting for, do something. Don’t just sit there and rely on luck. Never forget that love is a never-ending battle that is only won by strong and devoted hearts. Have you recently failed to express your love for the man who captured your heart? Dedicate any of the Top 10 Best Love Quotes for Him and surprise the man of your life.

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True love will last for a lifetime. Some tend to hide it due to various reasons yet the feeling will remain in their hearts and will always try to get out. We should accept the fact that love is best expressed than kept. Don’t let insecurities chain your heart as it will only result to loneliness and sadness. Let love rule your life and you are bound to experience a happy and fulfilling journey. Men are often the ones who decide to keep their feelings. They believe bluntly expressing their love would make them a lesser man. Of course this mentality is wrong. Make a fresh start and let the woman of your life know how much she means to you by using any of the Top 10 Best Love Quotes for Her.

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Don’t expect love to be all bed of roses. Expect several thorns along the way which can inflict wounds to your heart. Time can heal them but the scars will remain. Nevertheless, being a survivor of all the challenges while loving truly grants a feeling of success and contentment. The bond you share with your partner will mature and strengthen each time it surpasses a trial. Don’t fear hindrances of your love instead consider them an opportunity for growth. A life without challenges is meaningless so don’t forget to be thankful for them as well. The rule is simple; you must stay strong and survive the heavy rain to see a majestic rainbow.

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Many are satisfied by simply dreaming about true love. These people are too afraid to turn their fantasies into reality as they know that it will lead them not just towards happiness but sadness as well. Is true love worth the tears and pain? Of course it is! Life without love is like a boat without a sail. You’ll wander aimlessly in the sea and will have a close to none chance of achieving your goals. Love won’t fail you as long as you trust its magical power and work hard to express your feelings. Don’t let fear and hopelessness restrict you. Rather, treat them as stepping stones to move further and eventually transform your dreams about true love into reality.

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Any father would protect his child regardless what the cost. He will do anything possible to provide everything his child needs. We managed to go as far as this in life because of a man who raised us with every bit of love his heart can offer. They may not be expressive through words but fathers undoubtedly deserve our gratitude. Fathers are often strict and close-minded but don’t forget that your wellbeing is the only thing that circles on their mind. Never let a day pass without expressing your love towards a devoted father. Our fathers may not be perfect men but they are all doing their best to be a father we can all be proud of.

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Nothing can be as pure and true as a mother’s love. She willingly placed her life in danger just to let your experience the world’s wonders which is something you should be thankful of for the rest of your life. Mother’s will prioritize their child’s wellness above anything. A mother and child bond is something that even time and distance can’t erase. Lucky are those who still have their mothers around while facing life problems. A mother is a great source of strength and encouragement. She can lead you away from committing false decisions and will never leave your side especially at times when it seems that nobody cares. Cherish every moment with your mother and never let your expression of love for her subside.

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Your big brother is a best friend, bodyguard, and partner packed in one persona. He will take the blame for a broken flower vase for your sake. He will let you go ahead during fights and end up with so many bruises just to keep you unharmed. He will spend some time every night to help you finish all your homework despite having a very hectic schedule. Your big brother’s shoulder is always ready for you to cry on. His presence alone gives you strength. Amidst life problems, he may not personally solve them for you but he will do his best to clear the path and make it easier for you to realize the best solution. Having a big brother is indeed a luxury in life that I am thankful about.

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Love is the most magical feeling one can experience in life. It will cause your pain, sleepless nights, and lead you to troubles but never will it cause regrets. You’ll realize that every tear shed for love is worthwhile after enjoying its fruits namely happiness, peace, and satisfaction. Though there’s no such thing as a perfect love, having one that can last for at least a lifetime is possible. The path you need to take to achieve this goal is teeming with trials so you must be prepared. Strengthen your heart and build enough courage before letting your heart fall into the whirlpool of love.

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Jesus Christ is the perfect symbol of true love. He gave up His own life to save all of us from sins. He is the Son of God yet he submitted himself and accepted death to save us from sins. We are blessed with the Holy Spirit today because of the sufferings and pain he experienced that day. The best way to respond is share His love to others. Don’t hesitate to help strangers. Give food for the hungry and shelter for the homeless. I know it seems to idealistic but succeeding or not is not the issue but how much effort you exert in the process. Let’s work hand in hand to be an instrument of God’s love and make this world a much better place!

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His eternal love for us shines brightly!

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