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How to bounce back after a breakup? Top 10 best ways to recover from break up

Updated on March 20, 2014
Anamika S profile image

Anamika S. Jain has been a social media consultant for six years. She has written more than 200 articles on relationships and dating.

How to bounce back after a Relationship Breakup?

Breakups are not easy to handle and most of us have been there struggling to control our emotions. Many people bounce back immediately and do things which they may regret later. Breakups make people lose their confidence and feel worthless. It is this feeling that makes them want to bounce back to prove themselves (and to others including Ex) that they are worthy of love and affection by often getting into wrong ways like Rebound Relationships which often results in further hurt and pain. Such Quick Fixes or Band Aid relationships people enter into to distract themselves from the hurt, emotional pain and loneliness caused by the absence of the previous relationship often lack the love and trust required for a good relationship to survive and often end up doing more damage to the person than help. So it is better to look into positive and effective ways to bounce back after a break up to boost your confidence and also give yourself time to heal the heart before jumping into a new relationship. Dwelling on the past can interfere with your present and make you miserable so it is important that you get over your Ex before getting into another love relationship or commitment like marriage.

After a breakup I am sure that many would have felt like wanting to crawl in a hole and not face the world but why do that when there is life out there. So what are some surefire or good ways one can attempt to boost the confidence and mend a broken heart? I am attempting to give an answer to this through this Article. If you have more ideas on getting over a breakup, please feel free to add your inputs by way of comments.

Top 10 Best Ways to bounce back after a Breakup
Top 10 Best Ways to bounce back after a Breakup

Good and Effective Rebound Rituals to Mend the Broken Heart

Many of us have been through Break ups and know how it feels after one. Confidence is one thing which goes down the drain first thing when such a thing happens. Most people get into a depression mode or an anger mode after a break up. However, both are not good ways to handle a break up or rejection. The first step towards mending a broken heart is by clearing all the clutter of previous relationship. Which means you should clear your room with all items that may remind you of your Ex. Also remove his number and messages from your mobile and stop following him on the social networking sites you are following him. This is probably the most effective way to get over your Ex and move on with your life. Who knows may be the break up was for your good and there is your Prince Charming waiting for you elsewhere with open arms. If you want to cry, cry your heart out and I assure you that a day would come when you do not feel like crying anymore over the relationship which ended. You should give yourself some time after a break up and not rush into anything for your own good.

How do you cope with a bad break-up? How to heal the Broken Heart? What can you do to pick-up the pieces and move on with your life? One of the biggest steps in getting over an Ex is getting your self esteem back. Given are top 10 Best ways to bounce back fast after a Relationship Break up.

  1. Get a Make Over: There is nothing which can boost the confidence of an individual than a makeover. Get a new haircut, Dress sophisticated by going for a different style of clothes, get a beauty treatment… or do whatever it takes to make you look more beautiful and gorgeous. Pampering yourself at a Spa can do wonders to your mind and body.
  2. Go Shopping: There is nothing more relaxing than a Shopping experience to treat depression. Buy new clothes, Get a pair of new sandals, go lingerie shopping, buy some cosmetics or perfumes, Buy accessories to go with your clothes… I have seen this technique working well especially when I am angry or depressed.
  3. Get into a Hobby: We all have hobbies we have ignored after getting into relationships because of lack of time or discouragement from Ex. Now it is the right time to pursue these hobbies again. Or you could try learning something new which you always wanted to learn. Music, Reading and cooking are good hobbies to pursue. You can also learn new things and be self sufficient. Is it your Ex who always changed the tire of your car or be your handyman? Learn to do things by yourself.
  4. Bond with Family and Friends: Family and Good Friends stands by you during thick and thin. So if you have not been giving enough time and attention to them earlier because of your relationship it’s time that you spend some quality time with them doing things you missed doing with them.
  5. Get a Pet: If you like Pets, get a new Pet and devote your time looking after it.
  6. Go Party: Celebrate your Single status by partying with your friends because Being Single has numerous benefits which you may have overlooked while being a couple. So be Single and Happy. Go for a Coffee or Dinner out with friends, Clubbing or dancing…This would sure boost your confidence. Are you missing sex? I suggest you buy a vibrator instead of opting to sleep around.
  7. Go for a Trip: Take a break and Go for a Holiday. What can be more relaxing than the Beauty of Nature? Are there places you have always wanted to go but could not go earlier? If so, plan and trip with friends and go places. Indulge in some Photography too while you are there.
  8. Take up Yoga and Meditation: Have a healthy body and mind by getting into Yoga and meditation. It would help to relax you and help you heal the wounds of your heart break. You can also go for walks and do Aerobics to keep you healthy and fit.
  9. Do Charity and Social Work: Doing something for someone always can make one feel good. It can make us realize how lucky and privileged we are. Do something positive that will put your energy to good use. Take time to visit an Orphanage or an Old Age home spending time with inmates. You may also Volunteer for charitable cause or donate money or things for it. While you are clearing the clutter of your previous relationship give away things like mementos or clothes lying around at your home if it is not possible to send it back to your Ex.
  10. Do something Productive: If you have not been concentrating or not putting much effort on your job because of your involvement with your Ex, now is time to change yourself and devote some time to your Career. Who knows you might be rewarded with a salary rise or a promotion for your efforts. You can also take up Blogging and make some money out of it by putting your energy into a productive habit like writing.

Breakups do happen. It is the way you handle it makes all the difference. The emotional trauma caused by the break-up is almost always debilitating. But you need to move on to make room for good things to come to you. There is no point in crying after something which is gone. You have already wasted too much time and efforts on it. Accept the change and move on with life by getting into effective ways for bouncing back fast after a heart break. Give time for yourself and you will come out as a more positive and stronger woman ready to conquer the World.


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  • pramod cherakkara profile image


    7 years ago from WAYANAD

    beautiful way of writing. Very Nice

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Good post with full of info which is so helpful to us. A big thank dude for sharing this post article. Keep it up...

  • devin23 profile image


    8 years ago from CA

    Nice hub! I never thought about getting a pet. That's a good idea, the new bond could replace the feeling of loss for many people.

  • SimpleGiftsofLove profile image


    8 years ago from Colorado

    Great hub, beautiful and interesting and useful, great job!

  • Sunshine625 profile image

    Linda Bilyeu 

    8 years ago from Orlando, FL

    Great ideas! I like 3, 8, 9 and 10. Don't sulk, welcome your new chapter. Voted UP!!!

  • profile image

    cristelyn sharna 

    8 years ago

    great hub...

  • profile image

    break up books 

    8 years ago

    Being productive and focusing on something you are passionate about is a great way to overcome a break up. It can give you feelings of self worth again and an interest outside of your ex. I'm sharing your hub with my followers as I think that they would really benefit from it.

  • anunez49 profile image


    9 years ago from New York

    Great hub! I am looking forward to reading more of them.

  • patriciataylor profile image


    9 years ago from Mid-West

    Great comments...especially about connecting with friends and family!

  • profile image

    Marcella Glenn 

    9 years ago from PA

    Great hub!

  • niddz profile image

    nida naveed 

    9 years ago from saudi arabia



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