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Top 10 Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore

Updated on December 15, 2014
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Oyewole Folarin loves writing relationships love messages and helping others find the words they need for life's special moments.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore

My Wife Doesn't Love me Anymore, Why?

When she is no longer interested in a relationship and wants to break up with you, through her actions and inactions you’ll get to notice it only if you are very observant. These signs that I’ve listed below could mean she wants to break up with you but she doesn’t want to be the one to say it’s over. Whenever you’re in this problem, you’ll need to be patient and give her few weeks to think things through. Neither should you be defensive nor try to justify your wrongs. If she doesn’t want to break up, she will definitely change and everything will start to work out normal like before.

Top 10 Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore

1. She stops answering your call or text

When she stops replying your text or refuses to pick up your phone calls, this sign could be she is getting tired of you. Perhaps she just fell out of love with you but won't talk out of fear.

2. No more smiles at you

When a woman is in love with her husband she smiles at him often just for her to show she has a place somewhere in her heart for him. If she smiles at you that usually indicates she’s happy to be around you and likes you. However if she stops to smile at you for no reason, then you should know that something is actually wrong.

3. She doesn’t have romantic feelings for you

Because she’s fallen out of love with you could make her tell you she doesn’t have feelings for you anymore. Although it sometimes take a while to develop such feelings for someone. But if after giving her some space and time to change and she doesn’t, it could be a sign that she wants to break up with you soon.

4. No more focus on a conversation with you

When she knows she is about to break up with you soon that will make her not to focus on a conversation with you. She’ll get herself engaged with something else which frequently distracts her from having conversation with you.

5. She stops sharing her feelings with you

If your girlfriend or wife stops sharing her feelings with you for no reason, this could be a sign she no longer wants you. Unfortunately, you may have to get yourself prepared to face the fact that she might not be in love with you anymore. Just be patient, and be ready for whatever she has to say in a few weeks. Sometimes she might be afraid to share her stories with you because it isn’t what she thinks you want to hear. So someone needs to understand this fact very well before arriving at a conclusion that she is no longer interested.

6. Your act annoys her

Chances are also there that she doesn’t love you anymore and wants a break up with you. Reason why your act makes her annoy so easily, shouts at you for no reason and keeps repeating her wrong doings.

7. Neither does she cook nor eats in the house

Does not spend time cooking in the house unlike before and you noticed she had refused to eat with you but now go out without even saying bye or giving you a hug. Doesn’t care for what you’ll eat either. This is a definite sign that something is wrong.

8. She’ll find excuses not to be around you

She keeps giving flimsy excuses as to why she is avoiding you. She’s very uncomfortable in your presence. She’s not happy to be around you or see you anymore. This could be a sign that she wants to break up with you but not telling you directly. When she knows she is about to break up the relationship with you soon she’ll be telling you that she wants to be left alone and pushes you away.

9. Your wife or spouse doesn’t sleep in the same bed with you anymore

It could be she needs space because she wants to end the relationship. She’s not telling you directly.

10. Unbecoming activities

Comes home late and doing all kinds of things just to get you out of her life. Talking to you in a very rude manner. Slight mistake from you makes her mad at you. Generally, you’ll find it impossible to please her.

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These are some of the signs to proof that she doesn’t love you anymore. However, there are still lots of them. You are close to her and knows her better than any other person, when she’s fallen out of love with you, you ought to know deep inside your heart that your spouse no longer had feelings, loves or cares for you. And to get over this ugly situation, neither should you be defensive nor try to justify your wrongs but remain calm and be patient. May God save your marriage!


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    • incomeguru profile imageAUTHOR

      Oyewole Folarin 

      5 years ago from Lagos

      @ dashingscorpio, I so much appreciate your comment. And thanks for supporting your point with a bible verse.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      5 years ago from Chicago

      In all honesty most long-term live in relationships and marriages have many of these same traits. The longer someone is with you the less "infatuated" they become.

      Simply put they stop hanging onto every word that comes out of your mouth, the long glances into your eyes become rare, sexual frequency and quality diminishes.

      I believe #8, #9, and #10 should cause anyone some concern.

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde

      If someone doesn't want to be around you, won't sleep in the same bed with you, and treats you like crap it's probably time for you to move on.

      Proverbs 21:19 (KJV)

      "It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman."

      In order for (her) to be "the one" she would have to see (you) as being "the one". At the very least a (soul-mate) is someone who actually wants to be with you and vice versa! One man's opinion! :)

    • incomeguru profile imageAUTHOR

      Oyewole Folarin 

      5 years ago from Lagos

      @ lyndapringle, thanks for your brilliant comment.

    • lyndapringle profile image

      Lynda Pringle 

      5 years ago from Austin, Texas

      I enjoyed your blog but, while I do think some of your assertions are on point, others are not, especially if you have been involved in a long term marriage. Not answering your calls or texts could be a reasonable explanation. Most couples do not often call each other several times a day. My husband and I are very busy people. We kiss each other goodbye in the morning but then don't call each other until 5:00pm when I know that his day is over and is able to relax over the phone. I do not wish to bother him during his busy work day just to chit chat. Also, the longer you are married, the less the need to prove the romance through constant romancing texts. Work and life gets in the way of constant calls so don't take that personally.

      Now the lack of smiling could be a concern. John, my husband, and I haave been married for almost 20 years and we are still ecstatic at seeing each other at the end of the day. We smile, hug and always kiss each other before he leaves for work and when he returns. Affection is an important part of marriage. Maybe you can ask your wife if she is stressed or if something is bothering her? A problem could be the distracting factor, not you. Don't be accusatory when you ask about her change in affections. Just ask what is wrong. As for romance, diminishing of that is also natural in a long term marriage. If she is working very hard, she may not be in the mood for love and cuddles. I think you are being wise in giving her some space in this regard but you have needs to that deserve to be met. The lack of affection is indeed a concern that the two of you should address but without accusation. She could be undergoing a physical or mental block preventing her from showing affection.

      As for acting annoyed or not cooking, don't put too much stock into that. If she is busy working either at home or outside of home, the last thing she is going to be worried about is cooking and cleaning. To her, that is pulling a double shift. Maybe having a maid come clean the house once or twice a week would be a nice break for her? I know she would appreciate the thoughtfulness. Also-take up some of the cooking yourself even if you can't do it well. Cook simple dishes when she's tired. She will appreciate the effort. As for being annoyed, we ALL become annoyed at some of the habits of our spouses after a few years of marriage. That is natural. I hate it when John passes gas but I put up with it and he hates it when I don't keep a clean house. Annoyance is part of marriage.

      As for conversation, make an effort to find what interests her. I am sure she has passions and hobbies that she enjoys doing and would love to discuss with you. Find out what she likes to do: maybe she's athletic and you can go kayaking or hiking with her. Maybe she loves museums and books. John and I don't have much in common but we make an effort to take an interest in each other's hobbies out of love.

      Coming late is a problem unless it is work related. If she is not giving you a satisfactory answer for her late hours, it's time to snoop to see if she's hiding anything. Review credit card statements, mail, etc. There may be a good reason why she's coming home late but be pro-active in finding out why.

      Now the sleeping in the separate beds could have a good explanation. John and I sleep in separate beds because 1) I snore like a stevedore and keep him awake and he needs to wake up early for work and 2) since I do not work, we keep different hours so I need a room of my own to allow him to rest. Ask your wife why she has chosen to sleep in another room?

      I think communication is an issue here. You have a lot of questions that need to be answered and, some of those questions may have logical explanations, but you need to confront her about them for the sake of your sanity.


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