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Top 5 Rules for a Perfect Date

Updated on October 27, 2013

Planning a perfect date is hard, especially since there is pressure on you to do so. Let this post be your guide. Inside this article you will learn the guide lines of planning the perfect date for your Love. Enjoy..........

Every year it is the same thing, if we are in a relationship we want to find the "right" gift for our "other" person. You want to make sure you get the perfect gift for him or the perfect gift for her to show that you love them. Just remember that gifts do not always cost money. A perfect date would be a gift.

Most women are different and you can tailor fit these ideas to your Love. These are from a female to help the male species please his mate. The key to romance is to tailor fit the gift to her. lol Good luck!

1. The Spot: If she has been wanting to do something real special over the past year or years, here is where you should plan it. If not, then take her some where secluded. Go some where that you can concentrate ALL of your attention on her. No talking to people, no noise (less it be the music you play), and absolutely NO CELL PHONE!

2. Jewelry: There are a LOT of women who expect jewelry on Valentine's day or for a celebration. This is an OK gift, but make it special! If she lost her favorite pair of earrings, replace them. If she just had your child, get a birthstone necklace or ring. If she has a hobby, then find a charm for it, etc.

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3. Flowers and Chocolate: This is an OK add to gift. If you have a main gift, like a perfect date planned, then this is a great accent. Even if you have a main gift, like a ring, then this will be a great add-to gift as well. (Also, if you are old enough, wine is always a good add-to gift. Even if you both usually do not drink it. There is something about a good wine that always adds to the romance. I say this and I am a beer girl!)

4. Mixed CD: This is cheesy, yes, I know. However, when trying to tell someone how you feel about them, it is crucial that you pick the right words. On the same note, music has a way of cutting through those "I don't want to listen walls," and gets straight to the point. So, with combination of the two, you may even get tears. This is a perfect way to supply your perfect date with music as well! Take a battery operated CD player.

5. Sexual Romance: This can mean a sexy game that you two can play after your perfect date. If you want to get a little more kinky, you can keep the game or leave it out, but grab some hand cuffs and / or some paint on chocolate to lick off of each other. (Key thing, start the sexual activities with a message and slowly include kisses, after that just play off her ques.)

I hope that this helped. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comments section to do so. Thank you. :)


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