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6 Ways To Be UNIQUE

Updated on June 10, 2013


Dessert is not only food, but a form of art.
Dessert is not only food, but a form of art. | Source
Jazz music. You can be an expert, or a pretentious fool.
Jazz music. You can be an expert, or a pretentious fool. | Source

Being unique to attract the opposite gender

Let us forget what the dictionary tells us about being unique. The most important point of being unique, is to not conform. Does being unique make you a non-conformist? The answer is, it doesn't matter. There are times when I wonder how do people without good looks get the attention of the opposite gender?

The key is to be unique, but not WEIRD. There is no grey area between these two categories. Through observations of people around me who are without incredible good-looks or without incredibly successful careers but are happily married/in a relationship, I will share with you what are the most common ways to be unique.

1) Be good at something that is not easily learned, like cooking

- Cooking. They used to say, the key to a man's heart is through his stomach. That is not entirely true. The key to a woman's heart, is food too. I had a friend who has incredible cooking skills. He enjoys making desserts, French ones too. He gets all the attention from the ladies all the time. Being a manly person and yet knows how to cook is the perfect combo for lots of women. Some might ask, "Isn't cooking easily learned?" This person must be a fool to say that. Yes, cooking is easy, but cooking good food is hard. Furthermore, given the lack of time and effort to cook of people in the city, having a partner who knows how to cook is an easy way to score brownie points.

2) Having a different taste in music

- That is not hard. Step number 1 and only: Figuring out what you like to listen to. Remember that mainstream music is NOT included, since everyone listens to mainstream music nowadays. However, there are risks involved. For example, listening to jazz and classical. You need to do some research into the types of jazz and classical music, meaning that a good understanding of the history of such music is required. Unfortunately, many are labelled "pretentious" for pretending to like such music. Furthermore, you attract a small niche of people by doing so.

3) Be more active - Take up UNIQUE sports/adventures.

- What sort of activities? Hiking, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Surfing, Driving, Sailing, Golfing. The activities that you take up defines who you are. Hiking could bring out the adventurous side of you. I have a friend who took up hiking, and always have a story to tell. From the time he was lost in the woods, to the time he rescued a dog that accidentally ate fox bait/poison. The more you are involved in different activities, the more interesting you are.

4) Get a pet (I thought it's very common to have one?)

- Yes, it is true that everyone has one. Have you ever thought of adopting a dog or a cat from a dog pound? Adopting a pet shows the compassion in you. However, it is important that you have the compassion from the very beginning. It is a lot of responsibility! The reward on the other hand, is massive and satisfying. Seeing a pet recover from health or becomes healthier day by day/stronger is such an amazing accomplishment.

5) Have a secret hangout spot.

- This might sound incredibly dumb to some of you. Let me explain so that it makes sense. A friend of mine used to hang out in this shabby little bar. The bar is very hidden, hence not a lot of people know of its existence. The ambiance is quite ok inside the bar, a bit old, but unique. The bar menu has a list of food, but they are mostly terrible besides the chicken parmigiana. This bar used to be a secret hang out spot between us and another two friends. One day, this friend brought a girl there, and basically showed her a good time. He explained why this bar is "forgotten", and how great the chicken parmigiana taste, and how awesome is the owner of the restaurant (whom we know dearly), and the history of the bar etc. Basically, it was presentation skill. She felt so impressed that, according to her, she fell in love with him at that bar. What do you think of the dumb idea now?

6) Have a side business.

- Having a side business to your job shows you off as a hard-worker, innovator, and intelligent person. This business does not have to generate massive income. I have to give you an example before persuading you to do this. A few years ago, a friend decided to buy over three vending machines. These vending machines earns him a couple of thousand dollars per annum. It is not a lot, but it is definitely side/passive income. So one day, we were having some drinks after work, and he was chatting with this lady that we met. One of the greatest line I have ever heard him say was,

"I work 9-5, but I guess I can call myself a small business owner. It's not impressive or anything, but at least I feel satisfied for trying."

As much as he claimed that it was unintentional, I feel that he had planned that line for a long time. That was a humble approach to show off his innovation.

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