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Top 10 rules for a first date

Updated on December 16, 2013

Fase one was to get the date. Now fase two is coming; the date it self. So what are you going to do, is it a romantic dinner, go to the movies... Well it doesn't matter, what matters most off al is that you bothe have all night together. Wow!

The first date lets you both decide if there is going to be a sequel, will there come a second date of perhaps even more. It's very important that you be at your best and find out if the other person want a second date with you. Also very important if you want a second date with the other person.

How? What should you do? Or more accurately, what should you not do to ensure that the first evening together is a success? I have put some advice here for you: a list of things you can do during the first date or what not to do.

Don't talk to much


Neutral restaurant
A neutral restaurant is important, at least that's what I think. The first date is already exciting enough, without acquaintances. Seeing someone you know can bring extra tension. Meet in a restaurant or bar where you are sure you won't see any acquaintances. If you see a acquaintances just say hi and carry on with the conversation you had with your date.

Don't talk about previous relationships
Don't talk about your past relationships, it's just not a topic you want to go to. Take the time you have on your first date to get to know each other. Not to get to known every boy or girl you ever went out with. The past is the past, make your future.

This is not the most difficult thing to remember. If want to get respect don't have sex on your first date. Don't do it and don't talk about it.. Most women find it important to be liked for their personality, not for there body. So make sure that this topic is closed untill you know each other much better.

Don't be overly sexy or provocative. You already managed to draw attention, that's how you became on this date. So be patient, make a nice remark so now and then or make a sexy gesture. Not to much, otherwise you risk that your giving the wrong message. And that is something you don't want to give.

No Negitivatie
A date should be fun so don't talk about negative things. Don't talk about last christmas dinner where everything went wrong, don't talk about the fact that you don't like your job. Be as positive as you can.

Turn your phone off
Make sure your phone is off so you're not tempted to see if you have a whatsapp or check your facebookpage. It shows little respect and interest in the other person if youre constantly looking at your phone.

Don't talk about your work, well ok just a little bit.
Just say you have a nice job or maybe you love your job, just tell that and nothing more. Fill the time you have with your interests, hobies and show who you are. So, try not to talk to much about your work.

2nd date, be patient
Don't be too keen and try not to ask for a 2nd date on the same night. Let there be some time left to go so you both can think about the date and be sure you really want a second date, or not..

Don't talk about problems
Leave your problems at home, you want it to be a pleasant evening. You want the other one to know you're a nice person and you don't want to discuss al your problems. The first date is just not the place for it. Unless you want to stay single.

Be careful with alcohol so you don't lose control over your words and attitude. I don't think there more to say about this. Just think that it would be very sad that the evening ends with you drunken an losing control over yourself.

Don't ask to many questions
Afcourse it's normal to ask questions, but don't aks so much that the person thinks it's a police interrogation. During the first date it's better to restrain you curiosity and don't ask to much. In time you will get to known the other person and you have time the put all the pieces of the puzzle together.


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