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Top 3 Secrets - How to be a ladies man

Updated on April 10, 2012

Are you frustrated about going home alone, after passing an entire night in the disco or bar staring at beautiful women walking by you. Do you want to know how some guys seem to magically attract hot girls to them easily and effortlessly. Are willing to learn the secrets to success?

Else if you aren't it's better for you to just stop reading this article and go back to your old routine and spend your entire life watching porn and dreaming about having sex with beautiful girls.

Your still here, great you took the first step in the right direction!

Any guy in the world no matter how he looks and how old he is can become a ladies man. It's all about the way you perceive the world, if you currently made a pause, and stopped focusing on your inner believes (the little voices going in your head) and just look around. I promise you no matter how you look, you always have girls attracted to you for the simple fact that you are a man.

"Men naturally attract women and women naturally attract men" That the law of nature. Although there are 3 little secrets that I will share with you in this article that will give you 99% advantage over all other guys, are you ready? The rules that I am about to share with you aren't for the weaked minded. Lets start...

3 Rules to become a Sexy Guy

Rule 1) Being great with women has nothing to do with women. Man guys think that being good with girls is about having the perfect line to say, knowing everything that you need to know about them and you know what I say about such? Bulls**t!

Just imagine a girl who is great with guys does she actually know anything about what to say or how to act around guys or whatever? No way! The only thing that she knows 100% is how to be her best self. In other words she knows how to show 100% her femine qualities that make guys crazy for her.

Same thing here. If you want to be a ladies man you need to learn how to build a 100% masculine mindset and how to show off your man qualities, such as:

  • Confidence. Being comfortable in your own skin.
  • Courage. Not being afraid to take risks
  • Ambition. Having goals in your life, passions and dreaming about being someone.
  • Being sexually comfortable. Not being afraid to show your sexual interests
  • Leader. Not being scared to lead the way

This are the traits that women fall in love, this are the aspects that you need to build up so you can become a ladies man.

Rule 2) Stop focusing on getting women approval. This is another part that is pretty related to what I said above. Simply understand that focusing on women won't get you more women at all instead it will get you even less. Why? Because you become needy on wating their approval and guess what? Women hate guys who are needy.

So instead of focusing your energy on wanting more women you should waste it on achieving your goals and in bettering yourself, just like I said above being great with women as nothing to do with women.

Rule 3) The biggest misconception. Guys generally think that women are attracted to them based upon the same qualities that they find them attractive. This is plain wrong! Guys initially find a girl more appealing by the way she looks and only then on her personality.

Women are pretty much the opposite. They like a guy who has a strong personality, who is confident in his own skin, has passions and doesn't care what otherst thing about him.

Anyway this are a few tips that I consider to be one of the most crucial for you to understand although this is just a small step in becoming a ladies man. Just by reading this article you won't become great with girls overnight and start attracting them like flies but there is GREAT news for you.

I've developed a FREE ebook called "Secrets to Attract Beautiful Women in 3 seconds" that will explain further in detail all you need to know in how to become this sexy guy that where ever you go you have women wanting you and guess what?

You took the first and hardest step by reading this article... For me that means that you are really serious about getting over this process and improving yourself.

It ins't an easy ride but it damn sure the best one you will ever take. Now it's time for you to take the seconds step, which is reading my ebook. I guarantee you no more BS and crap technics. Here's the real deal are you ready or your just another coward? That's up to you to decide... Get my FREE ebook from the link below.

Thanks for reading my article. Please leave comment or tweet :)

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