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Top 5 Myths on Filipino Women

Updated on February 24, 2012

Filipino women are of nature’s most beautiful women. Yet, they always seem to get the short end of the stick in some people’s opinions. There are people who just love them and everything about them. Yet, there are others that think that they only want to marry foreign men for a U.S. Green card.

I want to dispel some of those myths today and show you the truth about how lovely Filipina women truly are.

1. They are submissive - False

Filipino woman do not argue. But, that does not mean they will not do what they know NEEDS to be done. Most will find away to get what NEEDS to be done whether or not they have their husbands backing. But, they will do it in such a way that it does not interfere with their marriage.

2. They all love to get married to foreigners – False

There is a tremendous misconception in the western world that all Filipino women want to get married to foreign men. This in just not true. Some find the idea of foreign men distasteful and are somewhat racist when it comes to that. Some do not want to learn a whole new culture. This can be quite over whelming for some people. So, they just prefer to date Pilipino men and have the relationships that they want.

3. They speak English well - True and False

English is one of the main languages of the Philippines. This has been true since the U.S took over occupation in 1945 from the Japanese. Also since, the Philippines is a leading outsourcer to the U.S a lot of Filipinos are taught to speak English from an extraordinarily young age ins school. Schooling is extremely crucial in the Filipino culture, and doing well with a limited English vocabulary can be hard. There are some groups who speak only tag a log and other local languages. But, they will usually still have a limited English vocabulary.

4. They're all dirt poor - False

The country of the Philippines is not considered a third world country, but it is also not considered a first world country like the U.S. But, the country itself may not have a lot of money the people of the Philippines do quite well for themselves. Most of the people live a middle class lifestyle like we do here in the U.S. There are some poor areas as with any country, but the economy is always improving.

5. They prefer older men – True

When Filipinas are, looking for a perfect, mate they are searching for men that are older than them. This is looked at this way, because older men then themselves have already had the life experience and are financially and emotionally stable for a family. Again it all boils down to what they want for their family.


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