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Top 5 Valentine Gifts Under $30

Updated on January 17, 2011
Top 5 Romantic Gifts Under $30
Top 5 Romantic Gifts Under $30

I had to really hunt for these bargain romantic surprises. It’s not easy to find a gift that says I love you this inexpensively but so effectively. Perfect for Valentine's Day, or even just as a “I saw this and thought of you” everyday treat. These gifts say so much for so little and are must haves for all romantics.

Message in a Bottle - Endless Love

I was so excited to receive and review this particular gift because it just sounded such a wonderful idea - a tiny bottle filled with the heartfelt emotions of a loved one! What a great concept. Each elegant glass bottle is filled with your very own "declaration", printed on beautiful handmade "parchment" paper. You can choose to personalize one of the manufacturers suggested verses or send a unique message of your own which is then rolled, tied with a rib and corked on top. It really is a beautifully put together and packaged gift that doesn’t disappoint on the romance richter scale.

Magic ‘I Love You’ Bean

This wonderful little kit contains everything you need to grow your own 'bean stalk of love' literally. The ‘magic beans’, as the manufacturers insist they are, just need water to start spreading the love. In two week the beans will break the surface and, soon after that, they’ll reveal their message to your loved one.

I Love You Bubble Bath

That’s right! Just when you thought the gifts couldn’t get any wackier then how about this? An ‘I Love You’ themed aromatherapy Bubble Bath complete with two bubble blowing wands for extra bathtime fun! When I finally stopped laughing at the concept, I began to appreciate the simplicity of the product and the quality of the ingredients that makes it up. It’s actually blended from sensual essential oils such as ylang ylang and sweet orange, with none of the usual synthetic chemicals. Because of this, I have to mention that it does need a bit of hand stimulation under the water (no sexual pun intended) to work up the bubbles. If nothing else it will certainly bring a smile to your lovers face! Enjoy!

The Eternal Flame - LED Candles

A great gift for those outdoor evenings when you want a little candlelight to add to the ambience without the need for constant re-lighting. These LED candle are the best I have seen in a long time. They look and feel just like real candles and the LED’s flicker so realistically that you’d never know they weren't real flames. Actually, why not combine this with the I Love You Bubble Bath (above) and have a romantic candlelit soak in the tub for two?

An Enchanting Evening Board Game

This gift also got listed in my hub, ‘5 top Christmas Gifts for Her that Won’t Break the Bank’. The manufacturers state that this unique board game can be “as innocent (almost) or as intimate as you and your partner desire”. You and your other half begin the game by writing down a wish that each would like to fulfilled by or with the other - preferably on the same night. As you make your way around the board, four sets of cards provide cues for gentle touching and seductive questioning. Upon completion of the game, and filled with passion, the winner is granted his or her wish. I’ve ordered mine and I’m very happy that I did!


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    • Dottie1 profile image

      Dottie1 9 years ago from MA, USA

      I actually love all of these very clever and inexpensive ideas. A definite bookmark for me. Thanks.

    • drgratton profile image

      drgratton 9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you so much Witrallen2. You're clearly a romantic as you say and we all need as much love as we can get in this life. I hope you and your other half enjoy my recommendations and thank you again for your kind comments.

    • wltrallen2 profile image

      wltrallen2 9 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Love the hub. I'm a romantic at heart. I think my favorite of the products you mentioned is the Message in a Bottle. I used to leave little notes and surprises around the house for my better half. I need to do that again. Keep the romance alive, people. :)