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Top 5 Ways To Meet The Love Of Your Life

Updated on March 16, 2016

1. First you must love yourself before anyone else.
Lots of people make the mistake of going into relationships seeking something that they first need to provide for themselves. Self respect and self motivation. Giving yourself the attention that you need so that you can be the best you can is vital for growing up and living life to the fullest. And you can only ever care for someone else as much as you care for yourself. Everything that you do for yourself will mirror onto how you treat other people. If you are dependent on external sources and don't treat yourself properly, you will only know that way of living, so the other person will only know that much as well, thus not being a content longterm relationship.
Before you take the leap of faith you must first build the net that will secure you if you ever fall, that takes trust, honesty, communication and vulnerability. If you are not honest with yourself, or if you do not respect yourself, then how can you with any other person? You must learn to be the healthiest you can be in both body and mind before you meet someone. If you do then you both will grow on a healthy relationship, and will secure a long happy future with your partner.

2. Stop going out of your way to find someone.
When you invest yourself into external, non familiar energies and moving out of your own world, you stray from the environment that you are accustomed to. This can lead to finding someone who is not in a similar mindset to you, as you stepped out of your world purely to step into someone else's; just to find anyone at all.
When you start to open your eyes to the ones who are closest to your daily routine of doing what you usually do, whether it is your hobby or your job, you will notice that there are more fitting individuals to you and your life. People who share common interests in their immediate life are more likely to bond a stronger relationship- compared to people who go completely out of their way to merely meet and smooch.

3. Be yourself and do not compromise.
If you are looking for your future partner whom to grow old with, you would want them to accept you for each and every aspect of yourself. If you hide behind a mask and be someone you are not usually, it can eventually lead to an unhappy marriage in the future, due to an eventual lack of motivation to put on a show. So being yourself and not compromising is something to see through, as well as transform the nervousness that you may feel when you meet someone you like, into enthusiasm for a strong everlasting bond. Being yourself is as important as loving the other person for who they are as well.

4. Before physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is more important.
When a relationship is only fueled by a mans mojo or a womans flirt, it is shortly lived. Life together will demand more profound fundamental mindsets to flourish and carry on. A partnership is not simply dancing, it is deciphering and planning which moves are the best for both of you, for the future and what moves to never make again (and to learn from it). If it is love you are after, then you must not mistaken lust with love.

5. Recognise lust over love.
If the most common activity you do with your lover is just sex or activities that revolve around sexual motives, this is not love it is lust. Love is the eagerness of learning about someone you find interesting as well as attractive, and sharing the joy in the hobbies that you share. In a longterm partnership life has lots of different tasks for the both of you, so if you are on an equal understanding of eachother you will get a lot further.

It goes unnoticed that the attraction between two people is not always the same thing.

These are two different music videos, one is a love song and one is a lust song:

A lust song:

A love song:


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