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Top 5 gifts for an Anniversary present

Updated on January 8, 2013

Gift ideas for anniversary presents

Whether you've been with your partner for years or even just a year, it's always difficult thinking of that wonderful gift you can give them to make them say "wow" and to show them how special they are.

Here are the top 5 most popular gifts in my opinion (in no particular order). There are selection of expensive ones and not so expensive, depending on your current financial circumstance.

1. Name a Star Gift

This is such a beautiful gift, which shows just how special your partner is to you. This gift entitles your partners name for a unique star on the Intergalactic Star Database for eternity. Most stars are just catalogue numbers, whereby only a select few are given names. They present it beautifully with a steel box enclosed with the certificate, night sky booklet etc. The prices are very reasonable and range from only £15.99 plus per star. To make it that much more special, you can take your loved one to view the star, by allocating the star (as they show you precisely where it is) and then viewing it through a telescope with your loved one. I did it and it worked a treat! :)

2. Hiring a restaurant, hall or spectacular venue just for the two of you

This particular gift may be slightly more costly, yet can be more extravagant and make your partner feel extremely spoilt and loved. This has the potential of being very flamboyant or simple, whatever you think your partner would prefer. For example if the venue you have chosen is a hall, you can decorate it to how you think your partner would appreciate i.e. themed with love hearts and the colour red or themed with crystals and sparkles with white lights. If you want it to be momentous you could also hire a band to play music for you whilst the dinner is served. That way you can also have a slow dance session with your partner at the end too. This will definitely make them feel special!

3. Romantic surprise holiday

There is nothing like a surprise holiday just for you and your partner. This will surely go down a treat, especially if you've chosen a place they've always wanted to go! A short weekend break or even a week away should be enough to make them smile! These prices can vary from £49 + depending on where you wish to take them. There are plenty of websites and holiday deals about for you to take your pick. Even spa treatments are popular getaways. This overall gift can help rejuvenate the relationship and yourselves. I have tried this one too, my loved one couldn't get over it for days and was so excited to go, which felt really nice.

4. Scrap book of all your memories together

This is the most cost-effective presents, but if presented beautifully it can be one of the best from all the above gifts. First thing you do is buy an empty plain book, then gather all your wonderful memories together, this can range from photographs, travel tickets, cinema tickets, restaurant receipts etc. You can also write down small anecdotes about funny or emotional experiences that have happened in your relationship together. Annotation about any stories you remember from the pictures you have placed in there would be a nice touch too. My partner very much appreciated this, so I do recommend it.

5. An original poem or love letter

Being personal about how you feel and what your loved one means to you is a beautiful art. The more sincere you are the more depth you will create when writing a poem or love letter. Refrain from copying other poems, speaking from the heart and from own experiences will be more appreciated. This can be difficult, I've been there, but once you clear your mind, try and think of your happiest memories together it will hopefully come together in your mind, then you can construct it on paper.

Hope they work!

Anniversary Ideas


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    • mariale2003 profile image

      mariale2003 6 years ago

      Very beautiful ideas...special with Valentine around the corner!!! Thank you!!!

    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 6 years ago from Sweden

      Thanks for these creative ideas! An anniversary gift should be something special and something to remember, just like you suggest here! Very useful.

      Best wishes,