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Top 7 Tips for a Gay Personals Profile

Updated on October 5, 2010

Gay online dating sites are a great way for gay men and women to meet each other. Personal profiles of gay singles listing their characteristics, likes, dislikes and personal preferences. Marketing yourself online can be a little challenging because you have to make sure you not only attract the guy/woman you are interested in, but you have to make them stay, look at and reply to your profile.

1. Don't misrepresent yourself. Be honest and say what you are looking for in your profile. If you want to be in a long term relationship, say so. If all you are looking for is a quick fling, then be honest about that.

2. Be specific! Don't just say 'I like to go out and on other nights stay in and watch a movie'. Every other profile has this already stated it seems. Make your profile stand out and tell them where you like to go out, what you like to do for fun.

3. Make your profile unique. Be descriptive with your desires and attitude. Tell your profile viewers what you like or dislike about other people.

4. Does the site allow you to send messages for free If so, don't be afraid to send out messages. Don't feel like you aren't handsome enough to catch the interest of someone. Try to send out at least a couple messages each day.

5. Don't be shy about adding a member to your 'favorites' list. Yeah, yeah you heard it makes you look desperate. Forget that! It lets someone know you're interested and that's the point.

6. When making any kind of contact whether its sending a message to another user or responding to one, make sure you reference what is in their profile.

7. Last, but not least - PICTURES!! This is by far the most important element of any dating profile. Never put up a profile without a pic. I guarantee you, there is someone out there that will think you're attractive. So be honest and don't set false expectations.

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