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Top 8 Reasons to Dump Your Girlfriend

Updated on August 23, 2014
Reasons to dump your girlfriend
Reasons to dump your girlfriend

A lot of people consider that, a good and valid reason to dump your girlfriend would definitely set you free from a relationship that no longer excites you.
Being in a relationship feels great, after all life becomes all the more beautiful and refreshing when you are with a person you actually love. However there are times when things become bitter, there is conflict or a misunderstanding that can’t be resolved and we start considering breakup as an option. Breakups are common, they are in fact a part and parcel of a person’s life but a valid reason for breakup is a must in order to make it amicable. It has been observed that the most cases of breakups are initiated by women but there are times when a guy desperately wants to dump her girlfriend. Guys are often good with excuses but not with reasons and this is the reason why you must reconsider your reason todump your girlfriend.
In order to make it easier for you, we have compiled the top 8 reasons that one can give while dumping his girlfriend. These reasons are bound to work, they just require a little effort and determination from your side.

She is complaining

Women are often considered to be perfectionists. However certain types of women are never satisfied by her man and keep on complaining about how imperfect his is. She will shun the way you dress, comb, kiss and even make love and all she’ll love is mastering you. Believe me, there is no better task for her than changing your habits and she would make it her life’s mission to change who you actually are. So if you are trapped in the claws of such a girl/woman, you’ve definitely got the best reason to dump your girlfriend.

She is obsessed

Certain amount of possessiveness is healthy for a relationship and making your girlfriend jealous is considered cute. But some girlfriends are just so obsessed with their guys that they can’t see anything beyond them. She smells your shirt in order to find out traces of ladies perfume and would make your life hell if you get a call from a girl, even if that girl is a customer executive offering credit card. All in all, she won’t let you breathe and would instruct you to stay away from all the girls- no matter your colleagues or friends. A possessive girlfriend may be a blessing but an obsessive girlfriend is a punishment, so take a break from this freak and dump your girlfriend as soon as possible because you definitely deserve so much better than her.

She is cheating on you

This is can be quoted as the most valid reason of breaking up and requires no explanation from your part as well. Either you’ve got her red-handed with her new flame or are suspicious about her dealings with other men, you’ve got a valid license to dump her off your life. No matter how important she is for you, she has no right to play with your feelings and she definitely deserves to be dumped.

She wants to transform you into her ex

Few girls are so obsessed with their ex-flames that they emotionally remain stuck with that old boyfriend, no matter how fulfilling and beautiful their present relationship is. This type of girlfriend would not just honestly tell you about her past relationship and boyfriend but would frequently boast about how perfect her ex was. She would become emotional thinking about that ex and would even want you to console her. She would repetitively compare you with that ex and would put in all the efforts to transform you into one. If you have a girlfriend who is still obsessed with her ex, then you’ve got the best reason to dump her.

She flirts with your friends

A playful girlfriend is what every guy wants but he definitely doesn’t like the idea of his girl flirting with his own friends. There is nothing wrong with indulging into healthy flirting, guys do it so often but when your own girlfriend starts getting cozy with your friends often, you’ve got the best reason to dump her off.

She is too demanding

Well, few girls can turn out to be a real task for the guys because of their notorious and unrealistic demands. This type of girlfriend wants to be the centre of attention of her guy’s life and wants him to satisfy her wishes of all sorts. These wishes can range from costly clothes to valuable accessories and from a solitaire to a fancy date. All in all, she just wants her guy to be in her service all the time and her demands don’t seem to take a break. The boyfriend in this case is in dire need of a break and nothing serves him better than the idea of dumping her demanding girlfriend.

She just wants to get married!

The idea of marriage does scare many men out there but it becomes scarier when your hot and exciting girlfriend suddenly starts planning out her entire life with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting married to your girlfriend, but one needs to understand that future seems brighter only when the present is enjoyable. But unfortunately, some women are just too obsessed about this very concept that they even start planning about their wedding dress and venue on their first date. If the idea of a marriage obsessed girlfriend freaks you, then dump your girlfriend right away.


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