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Top Five Things a Guy Notices About You Immediately

Updated on December 19, 2016
smcopywrite profile image

Smcopywrite has been a freelance writer for several years. Owning blogs in more than a few niches makes for a variety of expertise.

Is physical attraction always there? It is to some degree.

One of the most interesting things about this list is the fact none of these attributes are related to the things most women feel men care about most. Your chest size, how tiny your waist happens to be or even the size of your backend are not high up on his wish list. After the head turn from him, he will usually find out how good a head she has on her shoulders and go from there.

Physically men and women are drawn to one another. Though, more than the physical attraction there has to be something to keep each enticed to build a healthy relationship.

Ever wonder how couples stay together for long periods of time? This is where "something" other than the physical appeal comes in. Think about a sense of humor, how sexy is the voice or even the same outlook on life.

What he wants and what he thinks align more than most women imagine

Men and women see things differently, but in countless ways both see a lot of things the same. Amazingly there are more than a number of features or details a man sees when looking at a woman. An enormous factor of the attraction held comes in the form of a list of specifications in his head. The list includes appealing traits a woman possesses exclusive to his tastes.

These are the main factors as a rule men tick off a checklist carried around inside of the mind. There are generally five main ones which are at the top of any list for attraction or appeal.

Depending on where the opposite sex falls in these different categories means in a matter of the minutes a determination is made as to whether or not he asks you out or not. Several of these are surprises to lots of females.

  1. Hair

    He does look from top to bottom. His first few seconds of attention swoops to the hair. Did you know how thick and luscious it appears has the ability to make a man stop in his tracks? The perfect color and other effects are not defined into one category. To each his own.

    This female attribute measurement of enticement has been around since caveman days. Invest time in making it look great to gain positive attention. Do more than simply hopping out of bed with "bed head" and make the club rounds.

    If there is a special guy in mind attempt to imagine him getting a flip flop in his tummy as a result of the hard work put into making it look wonderful. Make certain it is clean in case he is close enough to smell it.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean everyone enjoys only long hair. Women with styles other than long are just as appealing. It does help to have it healthy looking. The shine and bounce makes it alluring and pleasing to look at even from across the room..

  2. Smile

    An authentic smile is more enticing than a sexy grin. Smiles moving across an entire face up into the eyes are more honest and real. These are sincere and typically will gain one back in return.

    A smart man knows the difference between what is true and the ones ringing false. Fake ones turn him away quickly and move on to the a real one. Even a small fleeting one holding true is better than nothing at all.

    Women full of excitement and feelings of relaxation typically sport a genuine one. Those forced or faked relay boredom and no attraction for most men..

  3. Eyes

    Eyes are the windows to the soul is a true sentiment. Men focus lots of attention on the eyes. Those peepers tell quite a bit about a person without verbally saying anything at all. They convey more than any other body part in a fraction of the time. There are tons of studies which reveal there is more emphasis on these when it comes to desirability than the size of a waist or curve of hips.

    Nice, healthy and shiny ones are fascinating no matter what color a person is born with. Be careful of how much effort or time is expended on lashes, mascara and other makeup around them. Too much takes away from the natural effects of any pair.

    Lots of fake things surrounding them like eyebrows or colored contacts say high maintenance which no one likes to see. There is a tendency to stay away from any woman with high maintenance oozing from her persona. It generally converts to low value or self esteem as well as big bucks to keep going..

  4. Healthy glowing skin

    How much the body's skin shines says something about an individual. In fact, men associate a healthy glow with great mental health. Whether this conclusion is subconscious or not has not been proven. Though, scientific studies do suggest there is a connection between feeling physically good and how a person feels mentally.

    Anxiety and stress on the body reacts to create lifeless and dull skin. Additionally, these issues cause unnecessary breakouts on the face and other areas of the dermis. All those extras women put on like lotions, moisturizers and even bits of makeup are not worth the trouble. If you do not have the healthiest looking skin, give it a small amount of help.

  5. Group size

    Women traveling around in larger groups are less likely to be approached by an individual alone. The perfect group size in the mind of a man for coming near a single woman is no larger than three. More confidence and bigger egos will take a running start at any size gathering for the right woman.

    Tons of females go out in bigger group sizes than the male counterparts. Larger clusters are terrific for security's sake.

    Three is a good number. While visiting with one the other two members of a party are capable of keeping each other company.

Look through his eyes

In conclusion

This sums up what makes his head turn around or even swivel back for a second look. These are the top five things a guy looks at when he initially sees It outlines what a woman needs to know about what a man sees immediately when looking at her.

In general lots of these things are noticed right away in a simple glance and determine if he wants to take the connection further. It is not always how pretty the dress is or what the name is on the back or bottom of the very expensive (and uncomfortable) high-heeled shoe. These are a variety of attributes making lots of gals very eye-catching to the opposite sex.

Review this list and see if any of these personally apply. If so, the chance of catching his eye is increased without a lot of work or know how. Half of the battle is to identify what is on his mind when he is looking at you..

Makeup is one way to stand out. Most admit the best kind is unnoticeable.

What goes on inside of that cute little head of his

In a matter of minutes the opposite sex is “sized” up and a man decides if he likes what he sees. If so there is enough appeal for an approach, conversation or sometimes even more. There are a number of factors included in making the decision to move forward. Though, knowing the top five gives tons of insight into what he thinks and feels about the opposite sex.

A simple change in an eyebrow makes an enormous difference in how someone looks.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Never let it be said every woman is attracted to every man and vice versa. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There is traditional beauty and it has changed over time. A woman living in the day and age of Queen Victoria would certainly not live up to the scrutiny of a man born in the 1800s or even the 21st century.

Her mind and body are both attractive to a man who sees a woman he likes. The standards of both are set individually an not by society for true attraction.

© 2013 smcopywrite


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      As a man I would say these items get noticed but not necessarily in this order. Body type and fashion sense usually come before eyes and group size. When a man says a woman is "hot" he's not just talking about from the neck up. One man's opinion! :)

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Interesting hub!

      I believe Eyes are the first thing, a person notices in someone, whether boy or girl. Then perhaps Smile, everything else then follows.

      Thanks for sharing this interesting one!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      4 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks for the fun and useful hub. I agree that the eyes are important-and that goes both ways.


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