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Top Ten Gift Ideas in the Philippines

Updated on August 1, 2016

Philippines is a developing country and the idea of gifting dear ones and friends is also quite popular in this island nation. There are a variety of options available as gift ideas.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a unique gift item in that the cards convey not just pictures but also messages for near and dear ones. The pictures can be outright arty or even evoke feelings of love and friendship among the citizens of this nation. Kamustacards offer personalized and customized greeting cards.


Cakes are suitable as a gift to people of the Philippines as the country is Christian and Christmas cakes and the idea of gifting cakes is also quite popular. But cakes can be gifted not just during Christmas but also during other times. Cakes can be bought at the famous Goldilocks Bakeshop.


Clothes are a wonderful gift idea for people of this cultural nation. While the urban population of the country is quite westernized, the rural populace can also enjoy traditional clothes as gifts which can be bought from Zalora.

Personalized Mugs

Colourful mugs are a unique gift idea and people of this country can enjoy them to drink tea, coffee or other beverages that are popular in the country. The gift store of the Philippines Heart Press has an especially colourful and eclectic collection.


Books are quite popular in the Philippines and the people of this country enjoy not just surfing the web like any other but also reading books for the pleasure of literature. Books as a gift item can be quite unique in this nation and can be bought at the Sulit Books.


Music is appreciated by the people of Philippines and as such compact discs as a gift idea can be quite appreciated especially because of the wide variety of music available from traditional Philippino music to western chartbusters. Music can be available from Kabaya Central.


Filipinos are also quite a fashionable society and people want to bear themselves in unique and appealing ways. Combs can give a new dimension to ruffled hair and nail cutters can also keep the person clean and healthy and these are also available at Lazada.


Photos are quite popular with Filipinos and the world over thanks to pictures on the web or social networking like Facebook. Photo albums can be a unique gift idea to capture moments and the situations and can be bought at Photo Books.

For Travellers

Pocket radio is a cool gift idea for the traveling Philippino who can listen to music anytime and anywhere on the go and can be bought at Lulu Soso. Shoes are also a great gift item not just for the traveler but also the hiker and the Philippines offers some great trails for this. Shoes can be purchased at Zalora.

This list offers some cool and exciting gift options for the people of the Philippines and also those in abroad.


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