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Top Five Ways To Ask a Date to Prom/Sadie Hawkins

Updated on December 28, 2015
Find the best ways to ask someone to Prom!
Find the best ways to ask someone to Prom!

Number One: Breaking the Ice

As the name implies, the first idea on the list centers around asking someone whom you don't know, or don't know very well. Luckily, this problem is easily solved by cleverly negotiating by the way you ask.

Starting simply with a piece of paper, write the message, "Now that you've broken the ice, will you go to Prom/Sadie Hawkins with me." (Extra flair can be added to the message, but make sure this is the jist of it.)

With your message written, deposit it inside a sealed zip lock bag. A strong seal will be needed, so a ziplock with a sliding top is ideal as it provides a much stronger lock. Now, with message safely sealed within your bag, place it inside a container of water. The container can be as big as you want, but the size of the water will directly effect the effort your possible date has to exert later, so you might want to go light. Place this container in a freezer, and leave it till you have a solid block with your message inside it. (If you have a layer of ice in the water and place your message underneath it, it will help to keep your message centered when the ice freezes.)

With your now solid block of ice with message enclosed inside of it, the only thing left to do is the asking! Make sure you have a hammer string and one more piece of paper with you as you'll need to supply your hopeful date with some tools. Go to a place you know your askee will be coming to soon, (you don't want your ice to melt!) and leave your block of ice for them to find. Leave the hammer with note attached by string that says something along the lines of "please break," then wait for a reply! You can hide a surprise them after the ice has been broken or even write your number on the piece of paper on the hammer or inside your ice.

Number Two: Start Singing

Every girl loves being sang to, so why sing ask her to prom? Don't worry, there is a non-singing alternative to this one. Oh, and girls shouldn't be afraid to let those voices shine either!

This one is super easy thanks to a little help from these guys called "the Prom Song Singers." You can get their songs on itunes by just searching for their titles, and have minute long songs for just about every girls name you can think of. Guys names aren't very abundant, but its easy to just substitute a name. The song does cost a dollar, but you can chalk that up with all the other costs your about to incur if he or she says yes.

Once you have the song, its time to make the crucial decision to learn and sing it yourself, or to play the song how it is to your prospective date. We'll go with the learn yourself option first, since that's the most surefire way to get a yes.

Learning the song is really the easy part. I mean, how many songs do you know by heart just by listening to them a few times? Don't be afraid to pop on the Prom song on your way to school to get a feel for it and memorize the lyrics, it really is pretty catchy! Now, you do have to options once you have decided to sing live to your potential date. The song comes with some back up vocals, so it might be a good idea to get some musically inclined friends to give you a helping hand in accompanying you. If you don't want to take a group route you can always just kick out the background vocals and do a sensual solo. Either way has its advantages when hunting for a date!

Now that you have your song practiced and memorized, all you need to do is preform it! Find a teacher that wants to hear a song during class or wait till an opportune time outside of class, but once you have that special someones attention belt out that song! You can play the original in the background for some music or go A Capella, just be confident!

Finally, we have the option that involves no singing on your part. Although a little bit of a bummer compared to the live version, this option can still be really cool if done right. A great way to play the song is over your schools loudspeaker, with you walking into the room flowers in hand at the completion. If your schools a little more strict with their loudspeaker privileges, the classic boombox above the head could be a romantic idea. You might have to substitute an ihome for the traditional boombox though!

number 3: Message in a Bottle

This ones a favorite for all of you romantics out there, with the name really saying it all. It will require a little bit of preparation, but it will be worth it when you dazzle your date-to-be.

Lets start with supplies your going to need. Get a hold of a functioning fishing pole, bottle, preferably glass and something you think looks good, and a note you can role up inside of the bottle. Old paper looks good, maybe a little burnt around the edges if you're feeling like being really creative and piratey. Ok, maybe not burn the edges after all then.

Burnt edges or not, your ready to get started. The first thing to do is write your note. In this aspect were going with something pretty similar to numero uno. (You can even use a full container and share a sparkling cider after it gets fished up!) Whatever you went with though, your note should read along these lines, "Out of all the fish in the sea, i chose you to go to the Prom with me." A little cheesy, but it's cute and gets the job done for either gender. Once your note is complete, poke a little hold through whatever you used to write on and thread the end of your string from the fishing line through the card and tie it off.

With your note finished and tied to the pole via string securely, put the note inside the bottle of your choice and screw on the cap. With most bottle the cap screwed on over the string should be secure enough to be able to haul in the bottle without losing it, however, you may want to loop your line under the cap or around the bottle and tie it off again just for some extra security. Now simply cast your line into whatever water source you happen to prefer. Islands in lakes are quite the lady killer, but shores of oceans and ponds will work just fine.

Once your line is cast in the lake, dig a small hole for your pole and place it in. Leaning your pole up against a tree will also do, just make sure you don't get your line tangled! All that's left is to get your potential date to reel in the line. To do so simply take them over and offer them the first reel for some fishing, or even put a not on the pole that just says, "reel me in." As long as the note gets pulled from the bottle you have succeeded!

Stencil Maker

The infamous stencil cutter. Also made in the manual roll through form.
The infamous stencil cutter. Also made in the manual roll through form.

Number 4: Oh Starry Night

This one is going to take more supplies then the rest, and is more for a girlfriend boyfriend, but if you can pull it off it is worth it in the end. Get as much gold cardboard paper as you can get a hold of, you'll need it. White can work as a substitute, but it won't stand out as well or look as good against backgrounds like you'll want it too. Luckily, by a lot of supplies, i meant paper and scissors and tape/putty, just don't underestimate how much cardboard paper you'll need, it's a rare product where i come from.

So, assuming you've been able to acquire the necessary amount of the gold cardboard paper, (try the craft section of a local Walmart, or the school library) your next step is to start cutting out stars. Luckily, there are a few ways to make this easier on yourself. Most school libraries and even some local libraries have this great device known only as the paper cutter. Basically it's used to cut out letters for bulletin boards, but they have shapes too! Find a great looking star and start punching away! Alright small disclaimer.. make sure to consult the directions and your librarian before you get cutting, the edges on those bad boys can get pretty sharp.

If the paper cutter doesn't work out for you, your work is going to be a little harder to get to the appropriate amount of stars, you'll need enough to cover some distance, but the exact number is gone over in more detail later. Disappointingly, without the paper cutter, your only alternative is going to be good old fashioned scissors. However with a few willing and nice friends, you can get a good number of stars cut out in a fair amount of time.

Now for the good news, once the stars are all cut out, the hard part is well behind you. All that's left now is some scattering writing and taping. Wait till your girl or guy is out of the house, and then let yourself in. Some collusion with a brother, sister, or parents might be necessary for this. Once inside, start at the door, and lay stars down in a path to the bedroom of your date.

Here's where it gets fun. Your goal is to have the room look like a galaxy, so get stars going, EVERYWHERE. Be sure to save a few though, your going to spell out "Prom?" on the ceiling. Hopefully with the craziness of the stars in the room though, this won't be seen till a little later. On the pillow place a little message saying, "Will you be my star at Prom this year?" This can go as many different ways as you want as well, such as "Out of all the stars in the sky," etc... You can also just say look at the ceiling or use either one of the two. As long as the message gets across it worked out, so pick your favorite option!


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 

      2 years ago from Jamaica

      nice suggestions. But for me i just walk with a club and knock her across the head and then carry her home and dress her and take her to the prom. Too much complications in this new era, my caveman days rocked

    • tannerG profile imageAUTHOR

      Tanner Evans 

      2 years ago from Riverton

      Thanks for the feedback everyone! I hope you have good luck Xwing and Jerry and I'm glad the Icebreaker worked for you haha.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Not bad ideas but kinda complicated. Liked them though. Haveactually done the ice one XD

    • profile image

      Jerry Klien 

      2 years ago

      I'm pretty pumped to use one of these ideas soon. AnyOne have one that worked? Help me out people haha

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Pretty creative reasons...this guy got me a date! Thanks man.

    • tannerG profile imageAUTHOR

      Tanner Evans 

      2 years ago from Riverton

      Thanks for reading Star! I would love to go to Prom with you! Only if you read some more of my hubs though ;)

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Those are some pretty creative tips... Thanks!

      Now for my shot... The Comment Sneak Attack

      Will you go to prom with me? ;)


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