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Top Tips For Creating A Wedding Sweetie Table

Updated on December 18, 2015

Wedding sweetie tables have really become a thing of the present and have grown in popularity massively since being introduced into weddings a few years ago. Not only do they provide something sweet for your guests, meaning they can double up as a dessert or an extra little snack later into the evening, but they can also provide a personalised wedding favour by using little bags and scoops. This means your guests can take away a little bag of sweeties to remember the day by.

Creating a sweetie table really doesn’t need to be difficult. It can be as simple as a table, a small amount of equipment such as containers, scoops and bags and some of your favourite sweets, whether they are chocolate, sour or sweet. We’ve been working with clients by providing wedding sweets for a while and we think we know a thing or two about what to do to get the best out of your wedding sweetie table and therefore, your wedding day.

We’ve decided to share our top five tips to creating a sweetie table perfect for a wedding. Hopefully these tips can help you to create a wedding sweetie table that will work for you, your groom and your guests.


Top five tips for designing and creating a sweetie table

1. To begin with, make a list of sweets that both you and your partner love. Think about those sweets that you would always pick up, those ones that are your absolute favourite. The more personal the sweets you choose, the more personal the feeling will be on the day by choosing sweets that are yours and your grooms favourite.

2. Have an idea and make a plan of how many different sweets you want to offer and stick to it. When doing this, bear in mind the amount of guests and roughly, how many sweets people are going to be eating/taking away depending on the plan of the day. Buying too many sweets can lead to a lot of expense to purchase them all and a lot of waste if they aren’t taken, so try to make a plan for quantity and stick to it.

3. Although you should focus on picking your favourites, try and pick a range of chocolate, savoury and sweet flavoured treats. Not everyone likes the same thing and if you are offering the sweets as a wedding favour, you don’t want to alienate people who aren’t the biggest fan of sour sweets! This way, you can try and cater for the majority of peoples tastes but remember - there is no way to please everyone, so don’t be worried too much about catering for everyone else!

4. Try and be frugal where you can. Weddings can come to be expensive with the venue, food, alcohol, photographer and outfits etc., and so keeping the cost down on things like this is perfect. and so keeping the cost down on things like this is perfect. You really don’t need to go all out, the effect will be just as good if you choose to put sweets into plastic containers and add a cute little label. You don’t need to have glass jars with tonnes of embellishments – just focus on the sweets.

5. Remember that in the end, the day is all about you and your partner. No matter how much you want to make everyone else feel comfortable and happy, it isn’t going to work if you aren’t happy yourself! Make it work for you and it will be a day to remember – especially with a little bag of sweets to take home!


No matter what you choose to do at your wedding, we hope these tips really help you to make the most out of your wedding sweetie table. Make your wedding a little bit sweeter with a wedding sweetie table.


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