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Top five ways to impress your wife.

Updated on November 9, 2013

Husband and wife relationship should be vibrant if you want to be satisfied in your married life. When you forget the delicate intricacies involved in making your marriage successful, your marriage slips into a reconciled co-existence between the two of you. But if you pay attention to the sensitive viewpoint of your wife, you will get back more of her love and when your wife shows her love it can be an overwhelmingly happy experience for you.

1. Take care of your appearance

You feel that your wife should be presentable before you and forget that she too might have the same inclination. Taking care of your appearance is one way of showing her your love. Most men sport an unshaven look and wander about the house dressed shabbily. When you are a treat to watch, the chemistry between the two of you works perfectly well.

It is no use being nattily dressed, but you should be able to convey the message that it is for her that you have taken pains to look presentable. Tease her and ask her whether you are a match to her good looks and watch her blushingly admire you. Appreciate her looks and tell her that you both are made for each other.

2. Demonstrate your love.

Sex might be very important to you, but for your wife it is the show of your love that impresses her. How do you show her your love? Before marriage, you can be awarded a doctorate for the demonstration of your love. You shower her with gifts and tell her that you love her. But after marriage your attitude towards your wife take an about turn and you take everything for granted.

Small physical touches, like a hug or a pat in the cheeks gives your wife such happiness. Shower her with gifts, and she does not expect you to spend a lot of money on the gifts. It is your care of thinking that her birthday and wedding anniversary as important days that makes her happy. She loves you for remembering her birthday, and wedding anniversary. It makes her feel important in your life and she feels she has your love.

3. Listen to her

Men do not usually listen to their wives as they do not want to be caught in any problems. Do not be one among them. A woman’s world is totally emotional and when she feels that her emotions are ignored, she feels deeply hurt. When your wife comes with any problems, listen attentively to her and show your care by uttering words of consolation.

If you listen half heartedly, she will immediately sense it and feel that you do not care for her feelings. Look into her eyes and show that you are there for her at any time and for any problem.

4. Respect her and her family.

You cannot expect your wife to completely forget her family after marriage. She will adore her family just as you do. You should respect her parents and her family members and when they come to visit you, treat them as one your own family members and watch your wife glow with love for you.

You should also respect her and never give her up before your friends or family. You should be protective towards her and no should have the guts to criticize or make fun of her in your presence.

5. Discuss financial matters with your wife

A man feels that his wife is incapable of handling financial dealings of the family and completely ignore her while making any investments. You are very wrong if you think so, as she can act as a perfect financial adviser to you and help you take the right decisions.

You should discuss with her your plan of investment and if she has any better option make her feel proud by appreciating her futuristic approach. When you do what she advised, she feels she has your confidence and trust.

These are just few of the tricks to impress your wife. She is your better half and so you should treat her as such. When you are able to convey the message that she is the most important person in your life, she feels emotionally secure and your marriage moves from mundane to an extraordinary togetherness, bonded by true love and care.


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    • profile image

      rishu 2 years ago

      i made my wife angry by coming late and she is very angry now, pls help me and she is extremely hurt by this.

    • Cow Flipper profile image

      Sean Jankowski 5 years ago from Southern Oregon

      All very pertinent points mathira, #5 talking about finances is one I have to work on. Thanks voted up and useful.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Thank you Ruchira.

    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

      Good one, mathira.

      The listening part attracted me the most since my better half hardly does